Did you know T-ara SoYeon is a pro-gamer?

Posted by nearnine September 1, 2015

T-ara SoYeon continues to enjoy her free time.

Check out her next pictures where she playfully shared,"#pro-gamer#days #brilliant#handwork #MyHandCan'tBeSeen."

*Soyeon playing 'Metal Slug'

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Because Tuesday is JiYeon's day, here she is revealing her new hairstyle.

Check out her adorable SelCa pictures below.

"short hair"

Here's T-ara's JiYeon together with her 'The Show' co-hosts.

Check out her cute group picture with Zhoumi and Hongbin.

T-ara's JiYeon is back to complete our Tuesday!

Looking adorable and charming as always but with a different hairstyle this time, here are her cuts and pictures from this week's 'The Show'.

T-ara Qri's vacation continues!

Check out her latest pictures together with her friend named Lee Hae In who was a former member of MBK's girl group named 'Gangkiz' which has already disbanded.

Coming from her pictorial, here are some hot teaser pictures from T-ara's HyoMin!

Check them out below.

We are up for more of T-ara's EunJung on 'I Love You from Today'.

Here are she is in the drama's 97th episode.

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