Everyday is T-ara's day! Sunday isn't an exception as the girls are back with another fun performance in this week's Inkigayo.

The girls took the 6th spot this week, and you can check out their 'Sugar Free' performance below.

Here are some behind the scene pictures from the set of T-ara's 'And & End' album pictorial!

It's from Qri who shared, "The twin look is nice #Qri #Eunjung #Hamkyul".

The Queens are out to meet their fans and to promote their latest mini-album as well!

Check out T-ara's pictures from their signing event which was held on September 20.

It's another fun weekend with T-ara!

I'm sure everyone is ready to party so let's enjoy T-ara's 'Sugar Free' performance from this week's Music Core.

After watching T-ara's performance, and seeing their pictures, we are up for more of T-ara from this week's M!Countdown.

We'll be seeing them from the backstage this time, so prepare yourselves for huge batch of pictures featuring the beautiful girls of T-ara.

Blue is the color of the day for T-ara's cutie SoYeon!

Posted by nearnine September 19, 2014

Blue is the color of the day for Soyeon? You'll see why when you look into her beautiful eyes!

Check out her SelCa below.

"blue ♥"

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