Check out the latest SelCa of T-ara's EunJung

Posted by nearnine January 26, 2015

It has been quite a while but finally T-ara's EunJung is back with her latest picture.

Check it out below.


We're up for a Sunday treat courtesy of T-ara's HyoMin!

Taken in Japan, you can check HyoMin and JiYeon's batch of lovely and adorable pictures below.

"A Tokyo trip with just the two of us. The end of the short but long journey~"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 the first trip amongst ourselves since debut..
Starting from the subway!!!at the subway!"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 Shinbashi Station->Tameike Sanno Station, 
master from the G Ginza lineㅋㅋ "

Here's T-ara's JiYeon together with her brother named Hyojoon who is currently serving the army.

Check out their short but definitely adorable clip below.

We are yet to find out whether they are on a short vacation or personal schedules but what we are sure of is that there were really some lucky fans who were able to snap pictures with T-ara's HyoMin and JiYeon on their way to Japan, and in Japan as well.

Check out their batch of pictures with the lucky fans below.

It's been five years and still counting!  T-ara is definitely here to stay but wouldn't it be nice if we would look back and reminisce their humble beginnings every once in a while?

Our 'Throwback Thursday with T-ARA' will be the answer to that, and here, we will post T-ara's clips, pictures, and anything worth looking back from their past years.  

We're back with our 53rd edition, and for this week, we'll go back and watch the music video of 'Like a Wind' by Qri, BoRam and SoYeon a.k.a QBS.

Here's T-ara's HyoMin who posed for some pretty pictures while getting her hair and make-up done.

Check out her pretty SelCas with her friends from the salon below.

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