Sharing some still cuts from their 'Little Apple' MV, here is T-ara's Qri who shared, "This apple was really delicious..!! #Tara #ChosticksBrothers #WANGTaili #Qri #LittleApple".

Check out her pictures with Chopstick Brother's Wang Taili below.

A is for Apple and T is for T-ara!

T-ara's Korean remake of the Chinese song titled 'Little Apple' has been finally released, and without further introduction, you can now check out their amusing music video below.

With the release of their remake, T-ara's Hyomin, Qri, Jiyeon, and Eunjung are now here to introduce 'Little Apple'!

Check out their next clip with the Chopstick Brothers below.

We have already heard it from their making film, but if you missed it, you can listen to T-ara's remake of 'Little Apple' here!

Enjoy T-ara's latest song below where you can hear them singing in Korean and Chinese.

While waiting for the full music video, T-ara is treating us first with the behind the scenes from their music video filming!

Check out their making film for 'Little Apple' below where you can also hear their awesome remake.

Missing all the fun and memories from their previous concert tours, Soyeon has shared a on old but beautiful group picture.

Check out T-ara's photo with their backup dancers and staff below.

"Soyeon: precious #memory I want to gooo"

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