Holidays means spending time your loved ones, and here's one for T-ara's EunJung.

Together with her friend, designer Seok Jeonghye, here's the beautiful picture of EunJung.

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It's coffee time for T-ara's HyoMin and SNSD's Yuri

Posted by nearnine February 11, 2016

 SNSD and T-ara? Yes, they are good friends!

HyoMin is close with the members of SNSD, and here's something to prove that.  Check out her latest pictures featuring Yuri.

Taken during her pictorial, here's T-ara's BoRam together with one one of the staffs.

Check out their cute picture below.

Check out the adorable clip from T-ara's HyoMin

Posted by nearnine February 10, 2016

The sun is up and it is shining on T-ara's pretty HyoMin!

Check out her adorable clip below.

Because she's now busy preparing for upcoming album, sadly, there's no holiday for T-ara's HyoMin.

But that doesn't mean she won't be able to meet fans through her Instagram, that's why here are her latest pictures from the recording studio.

"No Holiday"

T-ara EunJung's still picture from her upcoming movie titled 'Micro Love' will make your heart skip a beat!

Check out her gorgeous picture below.

Micro Love: The Past Beats Inside Them Like A Second Heart

Watch T-ara's performance from Spring Festival

Posted by nearnine February 8, 2016

Spend the first day of the Lunar New Year with T-ara!

How? Here's their 'Lovey Dovey' stage from Spring Festival for you to enjoy.

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