T-ara's BoRam and Jiyeon were out on a date!

Posted by nearnine April 19, 2015

T-ara's JiYeon and BoRam are at it again to delight their fans!

The two were out on date, and from their outing, here is their adorable clip.

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Good night from T-ara's sweet EunJung

Posted by nearnine April 18, 2015

Here's a sweet SelCa from T-ara's EunJung to greet everyone good night.

Check out her beautiful photo below.

"good night"

T-ara's BoRam is back to take your hearts away with her adorable self-camera pictures!

Check them out below.

Here's a lovely treat from T-ara's SoYeon!

Check out her pretty SelCa pictures below.


Afterwards, Soyeon also shared, "fan's art .. Thank you :) have good sense*".

Who is taller between T-ara's Qri and SoYeon?

Posted by nearnine April 17, 2015

SoYeon is taller than Qri? or is it the power of heels?

Find out as you check out their beautiful picture below.

"with tall Soyani♡Get off your high heels!!!! 
We're having a #CoupleLook today #Sokyul #Qri #Soyeon "

T-ara's Qri is back with another pair of pretty SelCa pictures!

Check them out below.

"finished first and then got immersed in taking selcas bbuu"

It's a fun selfie time for T-ara's JiYeon and HyoMin!

Check out the cute and adorable pictures of the two below.

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