Throwback Thursday with T-ARA! v54

Posted by nearnine January 29, 2015

It's been five years and still counting!  T-ara is definitely here to stay but wouldn't it be nice if we would look back and reminisce their humble beginnings every once in a while?

Our 'Throwback Thursday with T-ARA' will be the answer to that, and here, we will post T-ara's clips, pictures, and anything worth looking back from their past years.  

We're back with our 54th edition, and for this week, we'll go back and watch their music video for 'I Go Crazy Because of You'.

Knitting? Yes, T-ara's SoYeon is still into it, and she's back to showcase her newest masterpiece.

Check out her adorable updates below.


"#AndSo#ITriedMakingIt #woolandthegang"

Here are the latest updates from T-ara's EunJung who went on a date with her mother.

Check out their beautiful pictures below.

"Mom... You can turn a little to the side but... asking to have your picture taken and then [having] your lips this direction...your eyes that direction.. #MultiLacking.. #PicturesAreWhatRemainButIDon'tHaveAnyPictures..

It's another delightful Tuesday with T-ara's JiYeon!

Here are her cuts and pictures from The Show's January 27th episode.

Taken during today's 'The Show', here's T-ara's JiYeon together with Zhoumi.

Check out teir adorable SelCa picture below.

"KyaKyaKyaKyaKya The Show live broadcast!! ‪#‎IWantToTryThisToo"

The charming girls of T-ara are back to entertain us through their interview from The Show's Tudou Show.

Watch and enjoy their fun interview below.

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