Check out T-ara SoYeon's picture with her Totoro

Posted by nearnine April 24, 2015

T-ara's SoYeon was out for a walk with her beloved Totoro!

Although her face was hidden, you can check out their picture from the park below.

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T-ara's EunJung has graced the latest episode of  jTBC's talk show titled 'Witch Hunt'!

On the show, she was asked, "Is it true? Not too long ago you said, 'I never put paddings in with my own two hands". To which she answered, "At a fan meeting, a female fan asked me, 'How many pads do I put in?' Honestly I was embarrassed and shy [to answer such a question]. While I was trying to beat around the bush, I just said, 'I never really put it in with my hands, but I use the ones that are already embedded inside", EunJung also added, "There are variety of them".

T-ara JiYeon's endorsement for the cosmetic brand named 'Shu Uemura' is on!

After her seeing her pictures, JiYeon is now here to greet fans through the next video clips.

T-ara's EunJung is set to captivate fans through Mnet's '4 Things Show'!

Her episode will be aired on the 28th of April, and here are the teaser videos for her upcoming episode.

So you want to have a nice body like T-ara's HyoMin? If you think you are up for it, here is how she takes care of her body, aside from her diet.

Check out Hyomin's beautiful and amazing pictures from her Yoga class.

"After Yoga.."

T-ara's Eunjung got to spend some free time with her friend!

From their outing, you can check out the beautiful pictures of the two below.

Taken at the backstage of 'The Show', here is T-ara's JiYeon with a very lucky fan!

Check out their beautiful picture below.

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