Elsie is coming to KBS' 'Hello Counselor'!

Her episode will be aired on the 25th of May, and you can see EunJung's teaser pictures below.

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After Elsie's performance, we are now up for T-ara's special performance from the 2015 Dream Concert!

Check out their 'Little Apple' performance below.

Tonight's the night for the 2015 Dream Concert!

Elsie was there to perform 'I'm Good', and here's her hot stage from the concert.

T-ara is set to perform tonight at the 2015 Dream Concert!

BoRam, EunJung, HyoMin, Soyeon, and Qri will be meeting fans through the said annual concert but JiYeon who is busy filming for 'Encounter' will be missing the event.

Also, aside from their performances, EunJung also came to the stage to host one segment.  Check out their pictures from 2015 Dream Concert below.

The 2015 Dream Concert will be aired in Korea on May 30 but you can now also watch their performances here and here.

T-ara's EunJung is back to present another solo performance as Elsie!

Check out her 'I'm Good' stage from this week's Music Core below.

Spending time with SoYeon's Totoro, here is T-ara's HyoMin!

Check out their adorable pictures below.

"See you at Dream Concert everyone mong mong mong mong"  
*barking sound*

"oguogu our totoro did you comb your hair to see noona??Oguogu ojujuju~"

Having fun while working is not bad, and that's what T-ara's JiYeon did on a Friday night.

Check out her latest pictures below where you can see her riding a bumper car.

"Good night"

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