Cute, pretty, and funny? You'll see all of of those in Hyomin's latest update.

Check out her adorable pictures below.

t-ara SINA

Here are the lovely girls of T-ara for the Chinese online media company named SINA!

Check out their gorgeous pictures and interview below.

T-ara's SoYeon snapped a cute SelCa inside the plane

Posted by nearnine October 24, 2014

Taken while on their way to China, here is another cute SelCa from T-ara's Soyeon!

Check out her picture below where she shared, "October was almost spent inside the airplane.. syong….".

T-ara is now on their way back to China, and this time, it's for the 2014 Korean Music Wave which will be held in Beijing the 25th of October.

Check out their video and pictures from the airport below.

Taken while they are waiting for their plane, here are some pictures from T-ara's Hyomin and Eunjung.

Check them out below.

"Again #Beijing"

"last time's China departure."

Time to get to know more about T-ara's Park JiYeon through Cosmopolitan magazine!

After seeing her pictures before, you can now read her interview below.

"I am ignorant when it comes to beauty and fashion. I find it bothersome so I don't exercise to keep in shape nor do I go to massage shops to take care of my skin. I just live while being content with what I have. This is who Park Jiyeon really is." - T-ara JiYeon

- The makeup artist just said this. That amongst the members, Jiyeon-ssi is the only one without a (makeup) pouch.

JiYeon: I don’t need a pouch. Other than when I get my makeup done at the salon, I almost have no other occasions where I need to put on makeup.

- But still, there are times where you need to fix your makeup.

JiYeon: First, I have no interest in makeup, I don’t even know how to do it. So I don’t even feel that I have to fix my makeup. Once I get my makeup done by the makeup artist, then I don’t touch it after that. I just trust the makeup experts and leave it to them.

- Nevertheless, do you have a ‘favourite item’ in your possession?

JiYeon: Sisley Essence, Jo Malone Orange Blossom Perfume, and Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. These are three different products that I’d definitely buy whenever I run out of them. I skip all kinds of skin care as I find it a huge burden, so I tend to use products that are as good as Essence. Also, I really need the cleansing oil since I’ve got to erase my makeup. for perfumes, they are the only beauty products that I buy and collect.

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