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T-ara's Qri is back to showcase her charm!

Check out her cute and adorable SelCa picture below where she shared, "gentle flower scent~~ #ThankYou#APERI#RosePerfumeSnapback".

T-ara's HyoMin and EunJung were out on a date!

Posted by nearnine November 26, 2014

T-ara's HyoMin and EunJung were out to have some fun time together!

Check out the lovely pictures from their date below.

"thought we’re lovers..♥"

"Hyeonju unnie keeps taking couple-like pictures of us.. ♥ #corsocomo"

T-ara is preparing to spend Christmas with their fans!

The group has performed in different countries before but for the first time, T-ara will be finally holding a concert in Korea.

Titled as 'Dear My Family', the concert will be on December 25 and it will be at the COEX Auditorium in Samsung-dong with only 1,100 seats available to give fans a more meaningful experience.

T-ara will be having two sets of performances on that day, the first will be at 3PM and the other at 7PM.

After that, T-ara will be having their concert in Shanghai on December 27.

Just like Hyomin and the other members, Eunjung also gets to enjoy a delicious apple cake!

If you want one, maybe you can ask Eunjung as you check out her adorable picture below.

"Apple cake♡ #littleapple#Tara#eunjung#theshow"

Simply irresistible! That's T-ara's JiYeon for you!

Thanking all the fans for the warm response for their 'Little Apple' performance, here is Jiyeon's cute self-camera picture where she added, "Our fans are really the best…I’m really thankful I will work even harder!".

You can also see JiYeon's picture with Girl's Day Hyeri, and Zhoumi below.

The fun continues with more of T-ara's pictures from their 'Little Apple's stage from this week's 'The Show'!

Check out Eunjung, HyoMin, JiYeon, and Qri's pictures below.

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