T-ara BoRam expresses her love for her Mother

Posted by nearnine July 8, 2015

Sharing what she's been going through lately, T-ara's BoRam has talked about her Mother in her latest post.

T-ara's BoRam shared,"Ever since my Mom got hospitalized, and I don't even have an idea how the day is going.  It's clearly my Mom who's sick but she would still get extremely worried even at the slightest groaning I, her all grown-up daughter, do. I hoped she could just tell me to stop being a crybaby and do her casual nagging like in the past. Mom..don't get sick."

Get well soon Boram's Omma. We'll all pray for you to get better.

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T-ara's HyoMin is off for a Holiday!

Posted by nearnine July 7, 2015

Looks like T-ara's HyoMin was off for a much deserved holiday!

Her bag says it too as you can see her next picture.


It's another Tues-date you shouldn't miss!

Showcasing more of her cuteness and charm, here is T-ara's JiYeon from this week's 'The Show'.

Feeling sorry and apologetic even though she doesn't need to, T-ara's JiYeon has now broken her silence after the breaking news last Saturday when her relationship with Lee Donggun went public.

She expressed, "This is T-ara's Jiyeon. I apologize for the sudden message. I've wondered for a long time how I should tell fans. It's late, but I thought it was right to tell you, who I sincerely value, personally, so I'm carefully writing this message. I think a lot of people were probably shocked. For me, my fans' support gives me great strength. I'm in the beginning stages of this relationship, so I hope that you watch over us and cheer us on. I'll return your love by working even harder. Thank you."

Additionally, through her interview with Star News, JiYeon shared, "He is considerate and takes good care of me", after she was asked bout Lee Donggun's charms.  She also shared her thoughts after their relationship became public by saying, "It still doesn't feel real. I don’t really know." As for the fans, JiYeon stated, "Fans have always been a source of strength for me. Since we are in the early stages of our relationship, I would be thankful if people viewed us positively and I will work hard."

T-ara's EunJung has shown her cuteness and charm once again through MWave's 'Meet and Greet'.

If you missed it, stay tuned as we'll update this when the replay is available. For the meantime, you can check out EunJung's adorable video and picture first.

Summer just got hotter with T-ara's gorgeous HyoMin!

Check out her latest posts below.


Of course she looks pretty whatever her hair color is but if you can't choose, SoYeon's latest videos are here for you.

Check out her next clip where you can see SoYeon both with her brown and black hair.

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