July 17, 2010

New photos of the twins, Ryu Hyoyoung and Ryu Hwayoung have been released.

Core Contents Media said that, "the twin sisters, Ryu Hwayoung and Ryu Hyoyoung were trainees that are now ready to debut. Hwayoung is T-ara's newest member, while Hyoyoung is a member of the new mixed group, co.ed (Coeducation)"

"They're twins so they're bound to be a lot alike, but Ryu Hyoyoung is more feminine and is shy, while Hwayoung is more bright and is a little bit tom-boyish," they said.

The girls were born 1-minute apart in China*. They have similar faces, and still some Core Contents staff has trouble telling apart which is the co.ed member, and which is the T-ara member.

Meanwhile, T-ara's is busy with personal activities and preparing for their 2nd album. co.ed's debut album is ready, and is expected to be released in September.

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100717n03766
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + nate