Eunjung's room 2 years ago...

Posted by nearnine June 13, 2010

Eunjung has just shared this picture moments ago from twitter, she said "My room. A photo taken 2 years ago, and a clock + toy from Japan."

Judging from the limited view from her room I can say that her room looks very pretty simple and stylish, What can you say?

At tvN's 'Taxi' program on June 10th, T-ara's Jiyeon & Boram told a story about their first meeting. Boram chose Jiyeon as a member who left the biggest first impression on her. She recalls her memory, "When they said that she's 7 younger than me and they said that she's so cute. Hearing those kind of things, my fantasies about her has become bigger and bigger. But then she find out that Jiyeon is very tall and wearing a big ribbon. She was sitting primly and looking down at me."

Regarding this, Boram told to Hyomin who has also fell into her imagination about the new member.

Jiyeon responded regarding the talk that a cute new member will come. She told us, "What. An elementary school student is sitting there. Her big eyes is blinking, but I think she's just acting cute. [Boram]." It's a reflect respond because of her disappointment(?).

On today's 'Taxi', they will focus on T-ara's recent activities. They also revealed some various episodes about their first show on TV.

Photo = tvN 'Taxi' screenshots
Source: TV Report
Credit: dianapetrina (trans) + diadem + tv report

If you have enjoyed watching the video of their pictorial which i have posted earlier I'm sure you are eager to see the results of that photoshoot.

Here they are...

Taradotcom +

T-Ara is currently maintaining their online shopping website called T-Aradotcom and here's a video from their pictorial for their Zip Up Style.

Watch T-Ara's cuteness as each of them struts their pose.

Why did Soyeon left SNSD?

Posted by nearnine

T-ara's Soyeon reveals the truth about her trainee period as part of Girls' Generation.

On the 10th, T-ara's Soyeon appeared on the tvN talk show, "Taxi" and revealed the reasoning about her withdrawal from Girls Generation which was "because of my own willingness," which surprised viewers.

Soyeon stated that not only her, but all the members of Girls' Generation weren't exactly rookies and had different experiences accomplished in show business before becoming together as Girls' Generation. Some of them included the process of being in other idol groups as trainees or being a actresses (which Soyeon was as a child).

The reason for her withdrawal from Girls' Generation was the following, "To be honest, during that time, I felt that my own determination and willingness was low." Soyeon said.

"I got a hold of the opportunity to become a celebrity so very easily and I never thought of the little things and problems that came with it, and that's why I withdrew myself. After I joined T-ara, I felt like I was brand new and ready for my debut."

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + todaykorea

Yesterday T-Ara cheered for the 'Red Devils' South Korea's team for the 2010 World Cup at Lotte World's Ice rink.

They performed their World Cup song 'We are the One' and they also performed their hit song 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' another good thing is that Eunjung has been able to join them in this performance, she's been missing a lot lately because she's busy filming her drama "Coffee House".

Here are the fancams for the said event~ Enjoy Watching ^ ^

Don't miss Jiyeon's randomness at the beginning~ Ü

tiararthe1 for the video

Here's our picture of the day, with Jiyeon being so cute and random with those electronic devices~


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