T-Ara Soyeon's habit is...?

Posted by nearnine June 14, 2010

Here are some pictures of Soyeon that shows her cute habit of always looking in the mirror to check and make sure that she's always pretty~

No need to do that Soyeon you are always pretty in our eyes ^_^


I have posted the news about the Official Trailer and MV release of Death Bell 2 a while ago, and now if you have been anticipating it here it is...

Its gonna be really bloody this July!

What can you say about the trailer and MV? Will you watch it this July?

The 'Death Bell 2' trailer and music video for the OST have respectively been released on the 14th.

The 'Death Bell 2' final version TV trailer was revealed today for the first time. Previously, an unfinished trailer illegally leaked via the Internet and the publishers requested for it to be deleted amongst portal sites.

Also, a music video for the 'Death Bell 2' OST has been revealed today for the song "뭐라고 끝낼까" with vocals by T-ara member Soyeon. The music video features appearances by Hwang Jeong Eum, T-ara, Jiyeon, Yun SeungA, and other cast members.

Meanwhile, 'Death Bell 2' is the sequel to the first horror movie in the series. It features a school with murders happening.

The movie is going to be appearing in the Cannes Film Festival in both Taiwan and Hong Kong which gathered attention. 'Death Bell 2' is due for release in the end of July.

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100614n11114
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + nate

Qri Taradotcom Pictures~

Posted by nearnine

Here's another update from T-Aradotcom and this time its for QriPretty ^_^, take a look at her gorgeous pics from her skinny jeans pictorial.

Taradotcom + milktea + diadem + t-araworld

Here are some cute pictures of T-Ara's loveable maknae Jiyeon from Taradotcom, these pictures would really make your day.  

How can Jiyeon be so cute :D

taradotcom + milktea + diadem + t-araworld

Jiyeon's movie Death Bell is coming this July and here are some pictures to look at while we are waiting for it.

Newsen for the pictures

Everyone is cheering for their team on the on going 2010 World Cup, and here are some pictures of T-Ara with other Korean idols like U-KISS and actor Kim Sooro doing their part to cheering the 'Red Devils'.



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