T-Ara Intercrew Pictorial Videos~

Posted by nearnine June 15, 2010

I have posted some pictures from T-Ara's Intercrew pictorial before and now here the videos from their pictorial.

Let's get dressed with T-Ara~

tiarthe1 for the video

The picture above is what a real folding screen looks like, and if you are a fan of KBS' 'Invincible Youth' I'm sure you know that one of Hyomin's nickname is 'Folding Screen'...

Hyomin has just tweeted this pictures moments ago, It's not certain if this was a gift from a fan or something but what's certain is that this is so funny ^ ^

Hyomin's Twitter

T-Ara Hyomin's Selca with?

Posted by nearnine

Hyomin is one the most photogenic members of T-Ara and she really loves taking pictures of herself.

With these next set of pictures you'll see that there is someone who is always caught sleeping whenever Hyomin is taking her pictures, its Leader Eunjung!

It doesn't look like that Hyomin did it on purpose but this pictures are somehow funny ^ ^


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