Boram Taradotcom Pictures

Posted by nearnine June 16, 2010

If you enjoyed Boram and Jiyeon's picture a while ago, then i think you would enjoy this one too!

Here's Boram wearing 'Sketch Mickey', with her cute and young image she's definitely the one for this garment.

Credits: Taradotcom

The two cute little sisters of T-Ara are back with a new style from Taradotcom, this time they are wearing the 'Crazy Rabbit T' apparel.

Jiyeon and Boram are so cute together and they fit perfectly for these kind of clothing, enjoy browsing their cutesy pictures~

Credits: Taradotcom

Did Jiyeon really learned how to train a Dragon?

No not really keke, yesterday Jiyeon twitted this photo and it looks like she has watched the movie 'How to train your Dragon' with her friend Ah Sung.  If you have watched the drama 'God of Study' I'm sure you'll remember her as Pulip.

It's nice to see that Jiyeon is enjoying her free time with her friends, and she's so cute with those 3d glasses plus her pouting lips :D

Credits: Jiyeon's Twitter

I guess we are having a lot of Qri updates these days, but no regrets cause who would be tired to look at these gorgeous and beautiful pictures of Qri.

Taradotcom + milktea + diadem

The official OST, "What Should We Finish" for the movie "Death Bell 2" was revealed recently and it's estimated over 100,000 netizens already viewed it one day after it's release.

Soyeon of T-ara sings the song called, "What Should We Finish" which is a sad ballad song, written by a popular ballad composer.

The music video features the cast of "Death Bell 2" with Hwang Jeong Eum, Yoon Seung Ah, Nam Bora, etc.

Soyeon's "What Should We Finish" was released earlier and has remained #1 on real-time charts and is expected to keep that spot after being officially released on the 16th.

"Death Bell 2" is expected to be a popular summer movie and is about murders taking place amongst a high school and how the students struggle to survive the "survival game." The film is getting early attention because of being part of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + newsen

If you have not watched it yet here it is...

T-Ara Qri Style Pictures

Posted by nearnine

Are you ready to see more of QriPretty's style?

Here they are, she's so lovely isn't she?


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