T-Ara Tedin Water Park CF + Making!

Posted by nearnine June 17, 2010

Everyone has been anticipating this CF from T-Ara and now that it is finally here I'm sure all of you are excited to watch this.

First of all I have two words for this CF its so 'Funny' and 'Cute' :D

Enough of the talking and here's T-Ara's Water Park CF + Making, Enjoy watching! ^ ^

Credits: Tiarthe1 for the videos

Another update from Hyomin and this time its with her lovely couple Jiyeon :D

It looks like they are getting ready to perform for the World Cup Street Cheering Festival and while they are waiting they decided to take pictures of themselves while praying and cheering for the 'Red Devils'.

"Couple Cheering •_•"

Credits: Hyomin's Twitter

Hyomin has just twitted this pic a while ago saying "Republic of Korea Fighting! ^ O ^", Korean idols are really showing their full support to the Korean team 'Red Devils' and T-Ara is definitely one of them.

Later this evening the Korean Team will face Argentina's Team who's side are you on Korea or Argentina?

On a side note did you notice Hyomin's screensaver on her Iphone? I think its her and Jiyeon ♥ ^_^

Credits: Hyomin's Twitter

Jiyeon from the girl group T-ara's pre-debut photos recently appeared online and are becoming a hot topic.

Currently many portal sites have photos of Jiyeon pre-debut in a photo shoot with f(x)'s Victoria which has caused a big reaction amongst netizens.

The published photos taken before Jiyeon made a theatrical debut feature Jiyeon in full uniform, which is quite different from the ads and photos we're now seeing of Jiyeon.

Netizens commented from seeing the pictures were, "she is certainly different," "who are you?" "oh my" and "she has always been someone worth looking at."

source: http://news.tvreport.co.kr/main.php?cmd=ne...w&idx=50841
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + tvreport

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