T-Ara Intercrew Fansign Event Pictures

Posted by nearnine June 19, 2010

Here are some pictures from T-Ara's Intercrew Fansign event, Eunjung did not make it again because of her filming schedule for 'Coffee House'.

They all look so fresh with their sportive attire courtesy of Intercrew, even though they are tired they did their best to make their fans happy by giving out their autographs wholeheartedly.

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T-Ara member SoYeon stated that MBLAQ's G.O. calls her to hit on her.

On Olive TV's 'Coco & Marc 2', G.O. called her during a speed quiz.

At first, G.O. called his producer Rain, but he did not pick up, so the call went to SoYeon, who is a close friend of his. SoYeon was a bit taken aback by the phone call, but she correctly answered a lot of the quiz questions.

After finishing the quiz, the MCs interviewed her. Jokingly, SoYeon said, "G.O. usually calls me to hit on me so I'm a bit surprised by the sudden quiz". At this, G.O. looked flustered and denied it immediately.

The same day, Ivy called comedian Yoo SaeYoon for her speed quiz, while Jung JooRi called 2AM's JinWoon. Shin SoYool called singer Eru.

The episode will be aired on June 18th at midnight.

Reporter: Kim SoHee
Source: Nate News
Translator: ilovepocky @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Here's our video of the day, T-Ara performing 'We are the one' on Lotte World!

Watch T-Ara's cute and lively performance as they cheer for the 'Red Devils', meanwhile the next match of the 'Red Devils' would be on June 23 against Nigeria. Till then keep on cheering for South Korea's team!

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Tiarthe1 for the video

Another update from Taradotcom that would really make your day, here are pictures of Jiyeon wearing 'Unicorn T' for her top and 'Blue Fish PT' for her pants.

Jiyeon's Cute and baby face + the Bunny band = Aegyo Explosion! :D

Among these beautiful set of pictures which one is your favorite?

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