Video of the Day: Jiyeon from God of Study!

Posted by nearnine June 21, 2010

Our Video of the day features a fan made video of Jiyeon which contains cuts from her drama 'God of Study' and her song 'Ddoreureu (Rolling)'.

It's sad to see Jiyeon being rejected by her one and only love but its all in the drama, in real life it would never happen to Jiyeon right? Do you agree with me? *^____^*

hkh222 for the video

Looks like T-Ara has found a new job and it fits them perfectly,  T-Ara is endorsing these new products from Acnes which is for Skin Care treatment and to do so they have specially transformed themselves into beautiful and gorgeous Nurses!

Take a look at these pictures and I'm sure all of you would love this specially the fanboys :D

Credits: acnes + nate + mydaily + t-ara_jjang @

T-ara Jiyeon is for the first time the lead actress in a horror movie "Death Bell 2" (directed by Yoon SunDong)

"I've worked hard on my facial expression and on my eyes, so I can look tough and cold. I've learned these expression by watching Nam Gyuri in "Death Bell 1" and Moon Geunyoung in the 'Tale of Two Sister'. I have watched this movie with Moon Geunyoung more than 20 times to practice my facial and eyes expression" T-ara Jiyeon explained.

During the entire filming Jiyeon watched the DVD of "The tales of Two sister", so she can practice how to look terrified through her eyes.

Meanwhile, 'Death Bell 2' story occurs during a summer camp for a special class. This special class is here to study when the first murder happens. 'Death Bell 2' will be released in late July.

Translated by shining star`★ @ tiaradiadem

T-Ara minus Eunjung once again, has performed on the recent Peace Concert and here are some awesome still shots from that event.

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T-Ara Omnitel Pictures!

Posted by nearnine

Here are T-Ara's pictures from their Omnitel pictorial, they are just so lovely in their school uniform outfits!

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