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Posted by nearnine July 6, 2010

While waiting for Jiyeon's movie 'Death Bell 2' which will be released on July 29, 2010, why not enjoy this beautiful photos of Jiyeon in school uniform first?

She's so lovely, isn't she?

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If we ask to Jiyeon 'Who are you? T-ara's Jiyeon?' she will nod her head so hard. She performs on stage with the name T-ara's Jiyeon, and will also go with the name Park Jiyeon to unfold her acting skill for the first time. Through a movie that will release on July 29th called 'Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp' (Producer: Yoo Seondoong.

She first debuted as an singer/idol star but she has no difference as a fresh high school student, because Jiyeon (17) wore a high school uniform and a nameplate. She's looking fresh and good in her bob hair.

She also appeared at all her works (movie, drama) wearing uniforms. In her first debut drama 'Soul' and her second, 'God of Study', she wore some pretty uniforms in those. Uniform & school means a lot for her.

"I really like filming at school. Since I can't go to school everyday because of schedules. I chatted with everyone at waiting class and at the table, I really feel like being a real high school girl. Of course the shooting was not easy, but every time the director shouts 'Cut!', we're back to resting time. They really ask us to keep silent and also angry us (?), just like at school."

Her character in the drama is a silent girl, not a talkative one. When a cute scene appears, she usually gives a 'V' sign first. But other people quietly endure the anxiety, too. She's actually very different with her character as a 'cutie' in 'God of Study'.

"I'm different with my character in the movie. My character in 'God of Study' is a little more similar. A little minus the cute-act. It's not because I like princess-fashion at the movie, but because my real personality is easy-going and sometimes manly. I only show my aegyo (cute-act) to my onni (older sister - as in T-ara). Everyone is around my same-age, so I don't have anytime to show it anyway."

She finished her movie shooting 1 month ago, but that doesn't mean her schedules are finished. She could smile and remember the memories now, but Jiyeon is a strong lady who has a double duty as an idol and an actress. Her whole day is filled with more than 12 hours of shooting. She even has had hypothermia and sometimes the occasional bloated face, but she never says something like 'I can't do it'.

"It's hard to do both jobs at the same time, but I'm greedy. I have never thought of something like 'Aren't you tired?'. I just wanna do everything that's given to me. I also have the motivation. Actually, I'm not really stood out because I'm doing my job as a group. I can't stand out more because I think of T-ara first. I'll do my best in this time together."

The only domestic horror movie that will come out this summer is 'Death Bell 2'. Jiyeon is being greedy for the movie despite the fact that she can't watch horror movies. She just wants to see herself in the movie and she wants to see people getting scared. There's some things that she gave up during shooting.

"I gave up my face while filming 'Death Bell 2'. In all scenes, there's nothing pretty. At first I wanted to look kinda pretty in the movie. I also wanted to take the pretty angles, but I just can't. If I do underwater shooting, my face & body will be bloated. I have some thoughts like, 'Please edit it so I will look at least less swollen.'"

It's the first time Jiyeon used her name 'Park Jiyeon' (for the movie). She didn't even know that people called her Park Jiyeon, no rather than T-ara's Jiyeon. She knows that it's hard to put down that title. But she also has the desire to be called Actress Park Jiyeon rather than T-ara's Jiyeon. 'Death Bell 2' is a meaningful step for this greedy girl.

"Questions like 'Why is a singer acting?' shouldn't come out. It's a burden for me. Some people asked me 'why are you not singing, but acting?' It really become a burden for me. That's why I worked hard to do well. My final dream is being an actress. I wanna be a singer in T-ara activities and also acting.

"On stage, I'm T-ara's Jiyeon, and when I'm acting I'm Park Jiyeon, both of them naturally comes in and goes out. Even if it's not a really different character than the real me, I want to show more sides of me. I want people to say 'Oh, so Jiyeon also has that kind of side'. It will still be a greed of mine. Watch my honest acting at 'Death Bell 2' and please evaluate it calmly."

Source: Nate News
Translation: dianapetrina@diadem

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