Just fresh from finishing her recording of 'Death Bell 2', T-ara's Jiyeon talks about the hardships she faced while filming for the movie.

She talks about the comparisons made by people among her and Death Bell 1's female lead Nam Gyu-ri. She explains, "Because I'm one of the leads, I feel alot of burden. I don't take any scene light-heartedly or lackadaisically. I knew from the start I will be compared to Nam Gyu-ri-sunbaenim*, because she was the female lead in the first installment of Death Bell, and she won an award for her spectacular acting. Sometimes, I already memorize the scene because we will repeat it for about 10 times."

Jiyeon, who already had debuted in previous dramas prior to her debut in T-ara, most notably in MBC's Hon(Soul) says even with T-ara's busy schedule, she had to sacrifice sleep just to film. She has missed a couple of T-ara's group performance because of her filming.

Meanwhile, Death Bell 2 will be released nation-wide in South Korea on July 28th. It will also be shown in Taiwan and Hongkong in different film festivals.

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Recent Twitter posts by T-ara members, Hyomin and Jiyeon, left fans "confused" and worrie and the alleged product promoting from T-aradotcom forced a represenative to respond.

In fact, Core Contents Media president, Kim Kwang Su revealed through a press release today that, "There will be big changes with T-ara soon," he said, "The problem will be offically assesed on the 23rd, and before that we won't say anything else."

"This will not be regarding T-ara's personal problems, but it will be regarding changes that will apply to T-ara as a group."

Also, on Twitter recently Hyomin and Jiyeon's tweets raised worry amongst fans saying that, "T-ara members have too much in their busy schedule and are over-worked."

Hyomin's tweet said, "Why are they being bullies. Did I do something seriously wrong.. I don't have the energy to live life forward," which raised curiosity and worry.

Currently, Hyomin is cast in the SBS drama, "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" and Jiyeon is busy promoting her film, "Death Bell 2".

source: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?...73028&cp=nv
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