Jiyeon's informal speech time with Ho Dong

Posted by nearnine July 21, 2010

On the recent episode of Strong Heart Kang Ho Dong allowed Jiyeon to have an informal speech with him.

Jiyeon seized the moment and enjoyed herself by saying "Ho Dong Ah!" and "Kang Ho Dong, dont laugh!",  everyone laughed so hard including Jiyeon who really enjoyed her informal speech time with Kang Ho Dong.

Prepare to laugh as you watch 'Jiyeon's informal speech time with Ho Dong'

Every star has once been normal just like everyone else, and T-ara’s superstar Jiyeon is no exception. Apparently, the girl once made a post online five years ago, asking what she must do in order to become a celebrity.

This post was made on Daum’s Knowledge, a Korean website similar to Yahoo’s Answer. Dated July 3rd, 2005, a post titled, “To become a celebrity?” was uploaded by ckarlfmarhcn (written as 참기름고추 in Korean, meaning “oil pepper”). Inside the post, a picture of a girl is attached along a brief introduction of herself.

“What do you have to do to become a celebrity ,, ?
I want to become a celebrity…TT
My age is 13.
My eyes are big and many people tell me that I look like Kim Tae Hee.
People also tell me that I should become a celebrity.
This is my picture, but I look much better in real life.”

This is very interesting, since the girl did end up being one of the biggest idol stars K-pop industry has right now. Netizens who recently discovered this answered to the post, “I am from the future. Five years from now, you will star in movies and dramas,” “This site must be holy,” “She looks so adorable,” etc.

Jiyeon’s representative stated, “We didn’t know about the existence of this post either, but we are pretty sure that the girl really is Jiyeon.”


T-ara's Jiyeon has cried over the recent rumors of members not getting along and a possible disbandment.

Jiyeon, who has recently transformed into an actress through the movie 'Gosa2' met with reporters recently and had talked about the rumors related to T-ara "I was simply just expressing I was having a hard time due to busy schedules but the issue had seemed to have gotten bigger", she had revealed.

Continuing on "There is nothing like members not getting along or possiblities of disbanding. Rather, I'm sad that this has gotten so big", although she was trying her best to control her emotions, eventually she had teared up.

An official from T-ara's company Core Entertainment Media had participated for the interview as well and of course said "In Jiyeon's case, she is still a high school student. Since she's at a young age, she did not imagine the results of her own popularity", also confirming there was no bad relationships among members or disbandment.

T-ara members Jiyeon and Hyomin recently wrote on their personal twitters, messages which seemed to be suggesting 'bad relations', 'critical situations' and had created a stir.

Jiyeon's tweet "I've ran only looking ahead for too long. It's time to stop" hinted the possibility of disbandment, and Hyomin "Why do I feel like I can't live. Why. Have I made that big of a mistake. I have no strength to live diligently" seemed to hint discord with her company.

Regarding this, Core Entertainment Media stated "Jiyeon's and Hyomin's tweets were just their way of letting out their emotions over the members' very busy schedules".

On the 16th, Core Entertainment Media's representative Kim Kwangsoo came out personally saying that T-ara has become a 7-member group, leader has been switched from Ham Eunjung to the team's oldest member Jeon Boram.

Translated by: maknaes.@tiaradiadem

T-ara members Eunjung and Jiyeon revealed they felt sorry for the newest T-ara member, Ryu Hwayong.

A few days ago T-ara welcomed a new change in leaders. They also welcomed along a new member, Ryu Hwayoung. Ryu Hwayoung also has a twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung who's in a family group, co.ed

Eunjung and Jiyeon welcomed the new member and said, "Before Hwayoung moved in, we only had 2 people per bedroom. Now there's a bunk bed in my room for Hwayoung," she said, "Since joining T-ara, we not only think of her as a friend, but only as family."

Ryu Hwayoung will not participate in T-ara's current activities, but will begin full-fledged when they comeback with their new album. They wish to comeback soon but don't feel it's right and are waiting for the time when not as much artists are around.

In addition, both Jiyeon and Eunjung said they felt sorry for Ryu Hwayoung.

Jiyeon has been busy filming her variety program, SBS "Heroes" and Eunjung had been busy with her SBS drama "Coffee House", they didn't get a chance to talk with her. Eunjung said, "I'm still gradually getting to know her, even though she joined long ago," she said, "We didn't get a chance to talk, and for that I feel sorry."

Jiyeon included, "Because starting from dawn, Eunjung and I's schedules are filled we only were with her when we were sleeping usually," she said, "But when we are doing our dancing and singing schedules, Hwayoung is able to lift up all our spirits and we believe she'll fit in perfectly with T-ara's concepts," she said with a smile.

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100721n09999
cr: nathaniel + elly (trans) @ diadem + nate

Jiyeon from the horror film, "Death Bell 2" met up with fellow T-ara member Eunjung to have a fun pizza party.

Jiyeon's movie "Death Bell 2" will be premiering in theaters soon while Eunjung's drama "Coffee House" is currently being aired. Because they weren't able to see each other with both of their individual schedules, the two met up for a "duo pizza party."

Jiyeon said, "Eunjung unnie has done a lot more shows and always puts in a lot of effort and research, when I started my drama Soul, she helped teach me tips and I learned a lot from my cool unnie~" she said.

"I don't want to act as much as my unnie," Jiyeon also said revealing that her passion for acting isn't as big as Eunjung's.

Eunjung said, "Whenever I'm on set with Jiyeon she always makes me nervous because she tries to memorize every scenario and word one by one," she revealed.

Jiyeon is currently part of the cast in "Death Bell 2" along with Kim Su Ro, Hwang Jung Eum and Yoon Si Yoon. The movie is about a special summer class where mysterious murders begin happening. It's scheduled to be released on July 28th.

Meanwhile, T-ara are all busy with personal activities along with preparing for their 2nd album. Jiyeon's movie "Death Bell 2" premieres soon, Eunjung's drama "Coffee House" is airing on SBS and Hyomin's SBS drama "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox" will air next month.

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100721n09365
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + nate

On the recent episode of Strong Heart 'GoSa2' casts Jiyeon and Si Yoon shared  a lot of interesting and funny stories.

JiYeon said, “Previously I’ve met Yoon ShiYoon through another filming. And people around keep saying that the 2 of us look cute together. After hearing those words, I also started to become a little wary. I was even anticipating that he will be doing something special and nice for me when we meet for today’s filming.”
Jiyeon was so funny and cute while she was telling her story, she herself can't contain her happiness and that's one of the reason why the studio was filled with laughter.

Do they have feelings for each other? Who would lose at their staring battle?

Watch the video cut below and see for yourself.


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