Girl group T-ara announced their first new material as a reborn group is coming in September.

On the 23rd, a Representative told Star News that, "With Ryu Hwayoung successfully joining in T-ara, a new album and new material will be released in September," he said, "the reborn T-ara will also have a brand new concept, so fans should be expecting something new."

T-ara has gained a new member recently. Ryu Hwayoung is from Gwanju and currently in high school. She's 168cm tall and has a cute attractive appearance.

Ryu Hwayoung previously appeared in a beauty pageant this spring. Her twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung will be debuting in the upcoming mixed nine-member group, co.ed, and has gained massive attention and big hopes.

Since joining T-ara, the interest for T-ara has almost doubled and fans are anxious for new material. There's also been some negative attention with the leader switch from Eunjung to Boram, but fans will continue to support.

Meanwhile,, T-ara members are busy with their individual schedules. Jiyeon's horror film "Death Bell 2" premieres on the 28th. It's also scheduled for Qri's drama to air on August 7th on KBS 2TV marking her official debut as an actress.

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Group T-ara members Jiyeon and Hyomin along with talents Nam Bora, Kim Bommie had all worked together helping out with work at an amusement park.

KBS 1TV's 'Experience the Life' recent filming took place with T-ara members Jiyeon and Hyomin, talent Nam Bora, Kim Bommie at an amusement park which gets an average of 25,000 visitors a day. They inspected the rides, making sure the passengers would be safe, also examining the visitor's personal belongings, working the whole day with beads of sweat running down.

The four, for the safety of the passengers had climbed up a 56meter wooden roller coaster checking the rails for dropped items such as glasses, change, etc.

In order to clean, they even went aboard the rapid boat rides themselves. They danced and sang for the waiting passengers as well as feeding the animals in the safari ride.

This broadcast will air the upcoming 25th at 9PM.

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Idol groups day by day gain more members, and the more members the less they sing. Jiyeon from the 7-member girl group T-ara revealed her thoughts on the critical 5 seconds she gets on average in their title tracks.

In a recent interview with Jiyeon, she said, "I've been practicing hard to become a singer. In my case, I've invested 2 years into training," she said, "the most important part of T-ara is singing. Naturally, some of us don't get a lot of time, and it can be hurtful," she said when asked how she felt about having an average of 5 seconds.

While Jiyeon is still a singer in T-ara, she's also an actress. She was in the dramas, "Soul" and "God of Study" and will be appearing in the movie, "Death Bell 2" which premieres on the 28th.

Jiyeon's character was very youthful and played the role of liking Yoo Seung Ho's character in "God of Study." She was nervous about this and had to think before making actions, because she didn't want to make 'anti' fans.

"He played a charming boyfriend, but not my style. At first, I thought he was very cute, but I think he was anxious. But later it we became very good friends."

When the T-ara members were first revealed, Jiyeon was noted as a "look-a-like" idol due to her resemblance to Kim Tae Hee. There was tremendous response to this. Jiyeon said, "There were also a lot of malicious comments, but after appearing in 'God of Study,' a lot of people changed their views on me and began to like me," she said.

When asked why Jiyeon wanted to have her big screen debut in a horror film, she responded by with, "'Death Bell 2' is not just scary. It's an impressive, good story. It's rich in friendship and will leave you touched," she said. Following Jiyeon said, "I hope the reactions to the movie aren't just afraid, but impressed as well."

"I'll remain a T-ara member. Acting is not my desire, but simply a solo activity oppurtunity," she said, "Other desires I have are to be in an action genre and to showcase my wide variety of characters on variety."

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Popular 80s singer Jeon Yongrok expresses his affection for his daughter, Jeon Boram member of 7-member girl group T-ara.

On the set of KBS2TV's YeoYooManMan on the 22nd, Jeon Yongrok confessed that he had made a song for his daughter from one of his albums before.

"The album was released in 1987 and it was the 3rd track in the album titled To Boram" said Jeon Yongrok. The MC replied with "And when this song was released, Boram was only 2 years old".

Jeon Yongrok talked about the first time the song was released. "I told my daugter, 'You know I made this ballad for you' and Boram said 'What is that, Dad?'".

When MC Park Soohong asked "Will you be able to make another song for your daughter?". Jeon Yongrok humbly replies "I don't think I will".

"I often wonder what Boram will be doing once she's done with her girl group," said Jeon Youngrok, "After that, I think I would be happy to see her on her own".

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