Why is T-ara's Boram always sweating?

Posted by nearnine July 30, 2010

Girl group T-ara reveals the secrets of which happen in their dorm.

On a recent episode of "E! News," T-ara were the guests for a short interview. Hyomin revealed that, "When Jiyeon comes home, the first thing she does is just take off her clothes," she revealed. In which Jiyeon went on to say, "Whenever Hyomin sleeps, she is so serious. Her nose will be dripping and will be drooling everywhere."

T-ara's recent leader was also a victim of confessions. Qri said, "Boram will always be wearing sweats and long sleeves, even if it's at the beach on a hot summer day. She's always complaining about it's too hot, but won't change out of her sweats ever!"

The rest can be found on July 30th episode of SBS E! TV "E! News Korea".

source: http://www.todaykorea.co.kr/news/articleVi...ml?idxno=118324
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The first pictures of cutie-stalker Qri's appearance alongside Oh Man Seok have been released.

In the KBS2TV drama special, "Updates from Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo", Qri plays a female working in a coffee shop barista.

"Updates from Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo" also stars Kim Chulsoo (played by Oh Man Seok) who works for a South Korean security company.

He daily stops by the coffee shop that Qri works at and a cute love story begins. They accidentally meet (Qri stalks him) again in a stall (?) and it marks the first date.

"Updates from Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo" is directed by 2 famous directors who previously directed successful dramas for Korea. This already has attracted a lot of attention amongst the Internet.

Meanwhile, the first episode will air on the 31st at 23:15.

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"My acting debut in a one-act play/drama? It was a big burden. But I've been majoring in acting since childhood and this would only be good for me. If it's a not a big drama for me, I think this is a good chance for me and definitely a great experience."

Qri has been in front of cameras before as a singer, but now as an actress. She was full of happiness. "After the shooting ended, I just have become more ambitious, I'll keep praying for more chances like this," she said.

Lee Qri's drama, "Updates from Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo" is scheduled for broadcast next month on KBSTV where she plays the female lead. She previously appeared in the MBC drama "Queen Seondeok" with a minimal role.

Qri's character is shy and not very feminine, who works in a coffee shop, where she falls in love with Kim Chulsoo (Oh Man Seok).

"My role is a very passive character, and I'm used to being 'beautiful' being a female artist and caring about myself and others. I was taken back when we first started and felt small. It changed my knowledge on things."

Qri's used to doing group activities. This was a strange, new experience for her and difficult as well.

"Frankly, until now, all my appearances in dramas were cameos. Most of them were with other T-ara members, like all of us in 'God of Study'. And me and Soyeon in 'Giant'. A lot of fans of T-ara thought I needed more attention, and now I can. It was a point very difficult to get to.

Qri suffered minor injuries during the shooting. She was shooting a scene where she gets pushed against a wall, and she accidentally hit her head on the wall.

She mentioned that her role model is Uhm Jung Hwa. Qri's goal is to be as great as an actress as she is.

"I've always had big dreams and would constantly be studying. But later on I decided to not have any dreams, but a goal."

T-ara had their one year anniversary just yesterday on the 29th. But recently T-ara hit some big changes. First, they switched the leader, Eunjung, with Boram. Because Boram is partaking in no extra activities, it was decided Eunjung was too busy to be the support for the group during group activities.

And second, they gained a new member, Ryu Hwayoung making T-ara seven members. They plan to release a new album as seven members as early as September and mount full-scale activities.

"T-ara's album is mostly ready. So far, it's a variety of innocent and sexy, but it seems we'll be showing a completely different look.

Qri was born in 1986, the same as the new leader Boram. When asked if she was jealous she wasn't designated leader she said, "Not at all. I'm younger than Boram by months. Boram has been around longer than all of us, she debuted earliest and it's good for her to be leader. Eunjung was replaced because of concerns she wasn't able to help a lot."

She said about the new member, Hwayoung, "She has a really cute side. She's the youngest amongst the group members now. I work really hard to stay cute like her," she said. 

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100730n04490
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + nate

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