Actor Kim Sooro did not hesitate over highly praising T-ara's Park Jiyeon who recently transformed into an actress.

On the YTN 'News & Issue' broadcast aired on August 2nd, Kim Sooro had talked about his acting activities, future plans, and also precious family stories.

Kim Sooro, regarding Park Jiyeon who had the second time working together with him through 'Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp' mentioned that, "There are all reasons behind why people get adored."

"There is a lot of talk going around saying I really adore Park Jiyeon sshi. The reasons a person is adored begins with their actions. Park Jiyeon is the most professional among the female hoobaes I know."

Continuing on, when asked about the acting skills of his fellow 'Gosa2' cast, he had said, "The acting of the young friends who had played alongside of me are on the level of making it hard to say whether or not I am a sunbae" and "Compared to when we were young, their acting is unimaginable," giving positive feedback.

When asked if "There will also be viewers who have come to see Kim Sooro in 'Gosa2'" he responded "That's not it, rather I'm getting buried by our young friends. Hwang Jungeum, Yoon Siyoon, Ji Changwook, Nam Bora, Choi Ahjin, Park Jiyeon, etc. are this generation's actors who have made their appearances" showing his modest side.

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Was Boram humiliated being edited out of "Death Bell 2"? No. Then what is the real reason why Boram doesn't appear in "Death Bell 2"?

"Death Bell 2" was released 3 days ago, and Boram from the girl group T-ara was originally supposed to appear in the movie. She has filmed 7 minutes and 30 seconds of screen time for her solely, but in the end, most of it was decided to be irrelevant and completed edited out.

"Death Bell 2" features Kim Suro, Hwang Jeong Eum, Yoon Si Yoon and fellow T-ara member Jiyeon, who plays a big role in the movie.

A "Death Bell 2" official said, "Her scenes for the movie was decided not worthwhile for the movie, in the movie if you look hard, you'll be able to see Boram hidden in the backgrounds and throughout scenes, though," he hinted.

That didn't make Boram demotivated though, because she will be turning into a lead-role actress for the KBS 2TV drama special, "Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming".

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T-ara leader Jeon BoRam will follow her mother Lee MiYeong’s foot steps with her drama debut in upcoing KBS 2TV drama.

According to Core Contents Media, “Jeon BoRam has been casted as the main lead for upcoming KBS 2TV drama special ‘The Grim Reaper in purple heels is coming’.” BoRam will be the 5th member from T-ara after JiYeon, EunJung, HyoMin and Qri to have her drama debut.

Jeon Boram plays the role of a 19-year-old Woo AhMi in the drama special. Other stars featured in the drama include Jeon HyeBin and musical actor Jung SeongHwa. The drama is set for airing on 7th August.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites

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