T-ara's "Rhythmic Touch" proves to be successful

Posted by nearnine August 17, 2010

The girl group T-ara becomes even hotter by starring in a new mobile game.

Recently T-ara recruited a new member and changed the leader, creating a hot subject but the old T-ara will be starring in a new dance mobile game made by Omnitel called "Rhythmic Touch of T-ara", and has received great critical responses.

T-ara only debuted a year ago, but they're not only singers but actresses starring in dramas, movies, musicals and CFs. A mobile game is a new thing for T-ara who recently announced a new album coming in September-October.

On the 22nd, all the members of T-ara (not including Hwayoung) will hold a promotional party for the "Rhythmic Touch".

There will also be G.NA present (Choi Jina, G.N.i.A.) who will be launching her own game as well and it's expected to be a special time for fans to spend with the artists.

Last month marked the one-year anniversary since T-ara's debut. They've had a very busy schedule recently with meeting fans and heading to Death Bell 2 screenings.

Launched earlier this month, "Rhythmic Touch" is a mobile game where users play music by hitting the correct notes to T-ara's songs. It's already proved to be very popular.

source: http://thegames.co.kr/main/newsview.php?id...mp;category=101
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + the games

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