July 30, 2011

It's a very special day for us fans and T-ARA!  It's the group's 2nd Anniversary today and that calls for a major celebration!

2 years have gone so fast and for the girls who didn't lose their temper so quickly,
to T-ARA, 
Thanks a lot for all your hard work, 
we appreciate all your perseverance, determination and most specially your music.  
We will be here to support you until the end.  
We LOVE You T-ARA! 우리는 사랑 해요 티아라!

Here's our video for T-Ara's 2nd Anniversary and here's what we gotta do to send it to T-Ara.

Please copy the text below and Tweet it.

Thanks for all the fans who supported this project, sorry that I could only make this.