July 29, 2011

T-Ara's Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin recently had an interview on YTN's "News and Issue – Issue and People".  The girls talked about their careers and their participation in the upcoming movie "Gisaeng Ryung".

During the interview the girls were also asked "Your fellow member is experiencing the married life on 'We Got Married'. What do you think of that? Aren't you envious?"

Jiyeon responded, "Not too long ago, we went to their housewarming party. The endless affection they had for each other made me envious. She continued by saying "Eunjung-unni was doing the cooking…" and trailed off as she said, "…backhug".  

After that Jiyeon was asked if she had any plans about marriage to which she replied with "I haven't thought about marriage yet."  Eunjung and Hyomin then stated, "Our Jiyeon can't marry yet."

That's a hint to you We Got Married Fanatics, T-Ara will be on the show for Eunjung and Jangwoo's housewarming party!  On a sidenote if ever Jiyeon would be on the show, who would you think would the best pair for her?

Written by nearnine@t-araworld.net
Nate News, Trans from mashimello@akp