August 1, 2011

A young model from the clothing store named No Hongchul has been garnering a lot of attention lately for his resemblance to T-Ara's Jiyeon.

His name is Baek Hyojun and according to the official of the store, "Our model Baek Hyojun has a clean and pure image, as well as a diverse and unique style that matches the store."

Take a look at his pictures and see if you will agree that he looks like Jiyeon.

Baek Hyojun expressed, "There is a lot of times when I'm called as Jiyeon's older brother Baek Hyojun, but it made me upset. But now, I think of it as luck. In my future as a model but also in a variety of different activities such as being a singer, I will try to grow."

written by nearnine@t-araworld
Nate, Translated by Nathaniel@diadem