August 25, 2011

After promoting for 2 months, T-ara is set to end their 'Roly Poly' promotions this week.

The girls will end their promotions with a special "Good Bye, Roly Poly" stage for the music programs.  It was revealed that for their goodbye stages they'll be wearing their different costumes that they wore from their past performances that received a good response such as the Korean and European-inspired school uniforms, gyolyonbog/print outfits, Girl Scout uniforms and retro costumes.

T-ara expressed their gratitude by saying, "We're thankful to all the fans who loved 'Roly-Poly' over the past two months. We're especially thankful and glad we were able to revive memories of those in their 40s to 60s."

On another note, T-ara plans to make their advancement in Japan starting on the 2nd of September.

Written by: Nearnine@T-araworld
Nate,Translated by: Nathaniel@Diadem