October 21, 2011

While everyone is excited about the upcoming Season 2 of Invincible Youth we got one person here who is missing her good friend from Season 1 and that is Hyomin.

SNSD's Sunny will also be part of IY's Season 2 but it's sad that Hyomin is not, hence she could only reminisce about their good old memories as she wrote, "Heard the news a few days ago that Invincible Youth 2 filming would start soon, and the memories started coming back to me one by one. Missing Sseobyung..^^ Sunkyu-ya it might be tiring without me but don't worry too much about your airtime and have fun^^ Lead well as a representative of the first generation..! I'm watching!! From behind".

Check out Sunny and Hyomin's pictures below as shared by Hyomin..

With Sunkyu~

Hyomin's Twitter