December 7, 2011

These two lovely ladies will both celebrate their birthdays on the 12th of December.  That's right, T-ara's Eunjung and Qri shares the same birthday, Eunjung was born in 1988 while Qri was born in 1986.

And so we have prepared a mini-project for them.  Sending them tweets on their birthday is easy but they might not have the time to read them all so we decided to launch this event, we'll collect all your messages and compile them into a video.

:Step by Step Guide:
1. Send them a message through twitter, you can send it to both of them and you can also send them an individual message each.  

Example Only:  "Happy Birthday to @taraeunjung1212 & @QriPretty May all your wishes and dreams come true! We Love You via @Tara_World"

2.  Afterwards take a screenshot of your tweet, 
and E-mail it to

Subject: Birthday Project for Eunjung and Qri
And please attach your cropped screenshot.

Deadline for submission would be on December 9, 2011

Preferably this is how your entry should look like, please keep it less than 140 words.
(Please don't edit the screen shot by adding graphics or etc. it will look better when all entries look the same)

Sample Message and Entry:
How to view your twitter status like this?  Just click on the Date/Time of your status and you will be directed to this view.