T-Ara at Spore Sharing National Movement Event!

Posted by nearnine June 14, 2011

T-Ara's Hwayoung, Qri, Boram and Jiyeon recently attended the Spore Sharing National Movement Event, they were appointed as the ambassadors!

Check out their hot pictures and videos after the cut~

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T-Ara Jiyeon recently shared 2 new SelCa's via her twitter, it seems like she's on her way to her next schedule~

Check out Jiyeon's SelCa's below~

Jiyeon's Twitter

T-Ara Qri's cute SelCas!

Posted by nearnine

T-Ara Qri recently shared this SelCas via her Twitter.

Even though its a very hot day in Seoul, it doesn't show in her cute and bubbly photos below~

Qri's Twitter

Coming from our post about T-Ara's impending comeback coming this July, here comes a shocking news.

It has been revealed that Hyomin will be replacing Boram as T-Ara's leader when their Japanese promotional activities begins.

It seems that Core Content's is trying a new system, a representative stated, "We plan to replace and change the leader for each album that T-ara will release. It gives them a new responsibility to consult with the other members and as a leader, help plan T-ara's next choices. Eunjung was originally leader because of her training period, and her and Hyomin have had the longest preparation period. Because of this, it was determined Hyomin would be a good choice"

The representative continued, "While in Korea, the oldest members were originally the leader. Because T-ara will enter the Japanese market soon, it'll be critical to determine how Hyomin does during 'RolyPoly' activities. Afterward, we will determine if Hyomin is sufficient to be the leader while in Japan"

It's a good thing that each of them might be given a chance to be the leader of the group, any violent reactions?

Written by: nearnine@t-araworld

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