"White: Cursed Melody", Trailer and Soundtrack!

Posted by nearnine June 15, 2011

T-Ara Eunjung's Horror flick titled, "White: Cursed Melody" which was released last June 9 it is still doing great in the theaters and if you haven't seen it yet here's the English Subbed trailer plus the Soundtrack of the movie for you to check out!

T-Ara Eunjung's Horror flick titled, "White: Cursed Melody" which was officially released last June 9 is still doing great in the theaters.  Eunjung and the other members of T-Ara are still active on promoting it by going to different movie theaters.

Check out the movie posters and stills below~

80s' disco 'RolyPoly' next month, Showcasing popular dance moves, such as the ABC and the hustle, 'Catching two rabbits' challenge with activities in Japan on July 5th.

"No matter how difficult (it is), I'll do my best like a roly poly firmly rising to one's feet."

Girl group T-ara (Boram, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, Soyeon, Hwayoung) began a fresh start last year with their addition of a new member, Hwayoung, making them the 7-member group they are today. Now, they are dreaming big to begin their career in Japan. They're also advancing into a coffee business. It takes an extreme amount of effort. Each member, besides their group activities, has been in dramas or films or in some type of performing arts. They literally are everywhere. But since their debut and to now, our Focus newspaper that had been growing with T-ara, they also didn't forget to congratulate us on our 7th anniversary. Via e-mail, we had an interview with T-ara about their new business and Japan activities.

"It's been nearly 2 years since our debut and it seems like it(Focus news)'s changed a bit from the past. We've changed a lot since our debut as well so we're kind of similar. Haha."

T-ara announced their "yayaya" activities last year in December. They also released their first album as a 7-member group, which received great response. Eunjung had to sit out for some promotions, due to a knee injury, but all of the members were also busy in their personal activities. The 7-member group announced their comeback to be on July 1st with the new track called "RolyPoly".

"'RolyPoly' means that no matter what happens, you have to rise up like a roly poly. No matter how difficult it is or what hardships you're going through, you need to look forward and stay strong and proceed on, it's similar to us (T-ara). 'RolyPoly' can be called the 'Bo Peep Bo Peep 2' but it's more like disco that was popular in the 80s with an emphasis on the modern elements, we plan on showing a retro-style we can call our own."

In nightclubs during the 1970-1980s', there were popular dances like the hustle dance, diamond dance and ABC, which will all be reinterpreted on stage. It will be a reminiscent atmosphere of the legendary rock group, Bee Gees and their song "Night Fever". Even the album title, "John Travolta Wannabe", is retro.

"We thought of this concept when we watched the movie 'Saturday Night Fever'. It has a passionate, enthusiastic feeling that is catchy and stays with you for a long time. The feeling on stage will be like the film's character played by John Travolta. In our spare time, we even listen to retro music to prepare. We also look at fashion magazines or pictures to help us prepare for our performances.

After they release their album, T-ara is planned for a showcase in Japan on the 5th at the Shibuya-AX Hall. T-ara signed an exclusive contract with the Japanese company J-ROCK for 350 million yen (4.7 billion won). T-ara will release the Japanese version of "Bo Peep Bo Peep" on August 3rd, and afterward will begin their Japanese promotions.

"We can't help but to do both domestic and international activities, but it's also true that it's more expensive and burdensome on us. Our members might get frustrated, but we'll work and try our hardest. Without losing our original intention, we'll show you us having a passionate and enthusiastic look on stage."

(Singing and dancing, as well as being cute or sexy. Their perfect bodies and charisma creates their unique attraction. T-ara had sent congratulations to our newspaper for our 8th anniversary.

"We debuted back in 2009, and we think, 'Wow, it's already been 2 years," but to think you have been around for eight years. Please continue to cover us as we continue our domestic activities and foray into Japan.")

Source: FNN
Translated by: Nathaniel@Diadem

Here are T-Ara's Hyomin, Eunjung and Hwayoung's sponsored pics to start your day!

Eunjung for Disentise

Hwayoung for ele-f

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