Say Hello to Horomi but don't say goodbye to Hyomin as its just her new nickname which she gained from her upcoming movie titled "Gisaeng Ryung" which is scheduled for an August release.

Core Content's Media stated, "Horomi" is a mix of "Horror Queen" and "Gwiyomi" (cute) combined, because although she was in a scary horror movie, she was charming and cute.. thus receiving the nickname."

The movie "Gisaeng Ryung" is about the wrongful death of a child and how the soul enters another person's body.

Check out the pictures of Horomi below~

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T-Ara will soon be advancing their career in Japan that's why they are not only busy preparing for their upcoming Korean album titled "John Travolta Wannabe" but also studying the Japanese language as well.

T-Ara's Soyeon and Qri recently shared some pictures with their electronic Japanese Dictionary that sports a Hello Kitty design that matches well with their cuteness.

Qri and Soyeon's Twitter

T-Ara have already started filming for their "RolyPoly" MV and here are the behind-the-scene pictures from their filming!

It's gonna be a classic comeback from T-Ara! Check out the BTS pictures below~

Diadem for the pictures

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