T-Ara Hyomin in her RolyPoly outfit!

Posted by nearnine June 21, 2011

Horomi, Oops! I mean Hyomin, has just revealed new photos via her twitter revealing her "RolyPoly" outfit.

Check out her pictures and see how cute she is!

Hyomin's Twitter

Eunjung's Twitter

T-ara's new album "John Travolta Wannabe" title track, "RolyPoly" will star former teen stars Im Yejin and Jeon Youngrok, who is also Boram's father.

Im Yejin and Jeon Youngrok were some of the most popular teen stars back in the 70s' and 80s. The director of the "RolyPoly" music video, Cha Euntauk said that Im Yejin brings a lot of memories and Jeon Youngrok appeared as a "best of the discos DJ". The stars said they were delighted and happy to be back after 30 years.

T-ara will comeback on the 1st of July with the title track "RolyPoly". The song has an easy melody and arrangement, along with choreography which will be able to appeal to audiences in their 20s'-50s' as well. Unlike the previous lyrics T-ara sang in their title tracks, the lyrics to "RolyPoly" are reminiscent of the track "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees.

"John Travolta Wannabe" will have 2 new tracks, "RolyPoly" and "I Really Really Like You" along with five songs remixed from their previous album. "I Really Really Like You" is a pop-dance song composed by Beomie with an addictive bass and with synth sounds. The album is about missing John Travolta from the movie "Saturday Night Fever".

T-ara debuted in 2009 with "Lies" and have since been in an array of CFs, dramas, movies and variety programs.

T-ara will be back on July 1st and are currently busy preparing for their comeback and Japan advancement.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

The hype for T-Ara's comeback just keeps on rising!

Hwayoung recently shared some pictures wearing her "RolyPoly" outfit, revealing her cute and bubbly image in their upcoming promotions.

Take a look at HwaYoung's cute and bubbly SelCa's below~

Hwayoung's Twitter

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