T-Ara releases teaser MV for "RolyPoly"!

Posted by nearnine June 24, 2011

It's finally out!!! T-Ara has just unveiled their teaser MV for "RolyPoly"!

Check out the teaser below.

What can you say about this teaser? It's perfect isn't it?

Forgive and Forget our crappy teaser as the official teaser will be finally revealed today!

According to Core Content's Media the teaser will be revealed at around 2:45PM KST.  The music video teaser for "RolyPoly" will be 50 seconds long and it will showcase the 70s & 80s disco era as directed by the famous CF director Cha Euntaek.

CCM said the teaser was originally scheduled for a June 27th release but because of the fans request they are releasing it three days earlier.

While waiting for the official teaser, why not watch our very simple teaser below~ >_<

Written by:nearnine@t-araworld

T-Ara's comeback is coming very soon and to feed your excitement here's their comeback teaser from M!Countdown!

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