T-Ara Eunjung in her RolyPoly outfit!

Posted by nearnine June 25, 2011

The teasers for T-Ara's comeback stages next week are here and there and if that wasn't enough to interest you, here's T-Ara's Eunjung sporting her fab outfits for their upcoming "RolyPoly" promotions.


T-Ara Sponsored Pictures!

Posted by nearnine

It's time to give tribute to T-Ara's sponsors once again!

Check out their pictures sporting the accessories and apparels from their sponsors.

Today is Saturday and that means we'll get to see MC Jiyeon on Music Core once again!

Check out Jiyeon's MC Cuts from Music Core below.

CrazyCarrot270 for the video8

T-Ara's comeback is coming very soon!!!

It's just a week to go and to feed your excitement here's their comeback teaser from Music Core!

RampoKawaii for the video

Hyomin has just shared this clip on Twitvid revealing T-Ara members in their happiest moment.

In this next clip you can hear the members laughing their hearts out.  What could be the reason behind this laughters?

Hyomin's Twitter

The long wait for T-Ara's comeback will soon be over but before that they have another surprise for their fans! They will be releasing a 10-minute long "RolyPoly" mini-drama on the 29th of June!

The mini-drama will revolve around their curiosity during their adolescent period, children who are excited to experience the adult world.  CCM stated, "More information on the music video and 'RolyPoly' will be released later, please show a lot of interest to the mini-drama".

T-Ara has just revealed the teaser MV for "RolyPoly" yesterday and that just made fans more excited for their comeback stage scheduled on the 30th of June on M!Countdown!

Source: Diadem
Written by: Nearnine @ T-AraWorld

T-Ara Hyomin's movie "Gisaeng Ryung" will soon be released, its Hyomin's debut movie that's why her members wouldn't just sit down watching and so they surprised her on the set of "Gisaeng Ryung's" poster shoot.

T-Ara brought some cakes to congratulate Hyomin and they also sang the congratulation song for her. T-Ara members expressed, "Although it's rude to appear suddenly while there's a photoshoot going on, but this must be congratulated, so that's why we came".

When asked, As a senior on horror acting, what advice can you give to Hyomin? Eunjung replied by saying, "There are no advices to give her. We are best friends already, and I believe that this movie will be a success!"

After the members have left Hyomin expressed her gratitude by saying, "It's really a surprise! But because of schedules, they could only stay a short while. I'm very thankful of them."

The movie "Gisaeng Ryung" is about the wrongful death of a child and how the soul enters another person's body and starts killing people. It is scheduled to be released this August.

Here's the video related to this news.

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