T-Ara Eunjung and Jiyeon's sponsored pictures!

Posted by nearnine June 29, 2011

Once again it's time to pay tribute to T-Ara's sponsors!

Check out T-Ara Eunjung and Jiyeon's sponsored pictures for Bijoux and Tigermilk.

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T-Ara's "John Travolta Wannabe" Album is finally out, it contains two new tracks which are "Roly Poly" and "I Really Really Like You" plus the remixes of their recent songs.

It's time to dance with T-Ara! Listen to their songs below.

Roly Poly

I Really Really Like You

Yayaya (Remix)
*Will Update Later

Why Are You Being Like This (Remix)

Ma Boo (Remix)

I Don’t Know (Remix)
*Will Update Later

It’s Okay (Remix)
*Will Update Later


Have you recovered from the epicness of T-Ara's RolyPoly MV?

If yes then here's something for you to check out, the 2nd track from T-Ara's "John Travolta Wannabe" album, "I Really Really Like You" is here!

If you want to sing along with this song the lyrics is here > T-Ara - I Really Really Like You Lyrics


After teasing with their retro concept pictures T-Ara is back to tease with their lively colored concept pictures!

The 1st part of their 10-minute MV/mini-drama will now be released on the 29th of  June at 11:00AM KST.

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