Before, "Roly Poly" was also dubbed as "Bo Peep Bo Peep 2".  According to T-Ara It's like a disco that was popular in the 1980s, but with elements of a more modern sound.

Recently Soyeon and Eunjung surprised their fans with their Sel-Cas, the two transformed back into "Bo Peep Girls" again.  On the 29th, Soyeon tweeted, "I can't sleep.. thinking about this and that, even things I don't need to think about. Night is definitely for sleeping." She continued, "Yesterday, T-ara became Bo Peep girls for the first time in a long time."

Today 30th of June, Eunjung also tweeted, "Bo peep bo peep, I wore it for the first time in a long time! Not a uniform bo peep outfit, but a leopard print bo peep outfit! Hehe it's fun"

Why did they have to wear their Bo Peep Bo Peep outfits again, Could it be for the 2nd part of their MV or their Japanese debut?

Soyeon and Eunjung's twitter
allkpop, written by nearnine

The much awaited comeback of T-Ara finally took place in this week's episode of M!Countdown, equipped with their brand new sound they are out to get what they deserve!

Watch their comeback performance below, it's what we have been all waiting for!

T-Ara has just unveiled the making film for their Roly Poly MV!

A great treat while waiting for their comeback stage on M!Countdown!


Just an hour to go before T-Ara's comeback on M!Countdown and it looks like the members are now resting  while waiting for their performance later.

Check out T-Ara Hwayoung and Qri's doll like SelCas!

Hwayoung and Qri's Twitter

The long wait is finally over! Here comes the 1st part of T-Ara's music video for Roly Poly!

This mini-drama revolves around their curiosity during their adolescent period, children who are excited to experience the adult world.

Here's the Stage version

Loved it? Stay tuned as the 2nd part of this gets revealed on the 4th of July!

LoenEnt and drkpop1721

Just a few more hours to go before T-Ara makes their comeback on M!Countdown.

T-Ara members are now at the premises of Mnet's M!Countdown and while making their final preparations they managed to take a picture which was then edited to match their retro style and concept.

This next picture will definitely make you more excited to watch them later!


For the past months we have only seen them through twitter but now the day has finally come where we can see them again on Music Shows.  They will be making their comeback later on M!Countdown with their newest hit song "Roly Poly"!

But before that here are T-Ara Hwayoung's 3 set of cute SelCa's to brighten up your day.

T-Ara's "Roly Poly" music video has been released yesterday and with just an hour it already reached the #1 spot on Cyworld, GomTV, Bugs, Nate and Mnet real-time charts.  Additionally the song was also in the top 10 of all the music charts, a sign that T-Ara's comeback will be a success!

The 2nd part of the mv/mini-drama will be released on the 4th of July at 10:00AM KST.  They are currently preparing for their Japanese advancement and their comeback which will be today on M!Countdown!

Don't miss T-Ara's comeback later on M!Countdown, the show starts at 6:00PM KST and you can stream it  on this site >

Source: Artsnews // Nate
Written by: Nearnine@T-AraWorld
Translated by: Nathaniel@Diadem

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