Today July 4th, T-Ara members left for Japan to prepare for their upcoming Japanese debut showcase.  The debut showcase will be held at the Shibuya AX theater on the 5th and around 70,000 fans are expected to be present at the said event.

In the meantime check out T-Ara's pictures as they depart to Japan!

T-Ara are currently nominated on Mnet's 20s Choice Awards, they are under the category "Hot Balance Star" which is presented by Pocari Sweat.

The girls are currently on the 3rd place with 96k+ votes.

How to vote:
1. Go to Mnet 20s Choice Awards voting site.  Link  <<<
2. Go the Category #18 "Hot Balance Star"

3. Scroll down and look for the Category #18, Look for T-Ara and press the Vote button.
4. If a message box appears saying, "현재까지 1개 부문의 투표가 완료되었습니다." That means your vote has been counted.
5. You can vote everyday. The Voting ends on July 6th!

The second part of T-Ara's Roly Poly MV was scheduled to be released today but due to some reasons Core Contents Media have decided to release it next week, on the 11th of July through Melon.

CCM stated, "The 'Roly-Poly' music video currently is receiving explosive interest and love, and to continue on keeping the format of the mini-drama, we want to make the video more complete before we reveal it to the public. More editing work will be done on the video so we can release it to public on schedule."

Need to wait for 1 more week but it's definitely gonna be worth it, in the meantime enjoy the part 1 of T-Ara's Roly Poly MV below.

Written by Nearnine @ T-AraWorld
Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
LoenEnt for the video

Here are Soyeon and Boram's cute and stolen SelCas to start your week!

The cute SelCa pertains to Soyeon's SelCas while the stolen SelCa pertains to Boram's stolen shot which were taken from their Inkigayo waiting room~

Soyeon and Boram's Twitter

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