T-Ara Hyomin and her cute SelCas!

Posted by nearnine July 7, 2011

T-Ara Hyomin has just shared a new set of adorable SelCas which were taken while they were in Japan.

Check out her cute pictures below and tell us which one is your favorite.

Hyomin's Twitter

It's time to check out T-Ara's pictures with their sponsored clothing and apparels!

Take a look at Boram, Soyeon and Eunjung's sponsored pictures below~

After their successful debut showcase in Japan the T-Ara are back in Korea!

Check out their hot Airport fashion that matches the hot summer in Seoul below~

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With the success of T-Ara's "Roly Poly" comes another opportunity for the girls!

It was revealed that T-Ara have been chosen as the exclusive endorsers for the  famous cosmetic brand "Tony Moly".  The representative of the brand said, "T-ara has a sophisticated, but urban image. Along with their unique personalities, they were chosen to be fit for Tony Moly's brand concept models. T-ara is not not only able appeal to South Korea's model image for Tony Moly, but they will also be expected to be modeling for the brand in China, Japan and other Asian countries."

T-Ara will begin their shooting for Tony Moly this August and their endorsement campaign will start in September.

Written by nearnine@t-araworld
Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

Many articles were already written from T-Ara's Japanese showcase press conference but if you want more from T-Ara here's the full transcript from their press conference.

-How are the responses to 'Roly Poly' from Japanese and Korean fans?
"It hasn't been that long since we've had our comeback so we're not too sure about that but a lot of the elders seem to like it a lot because of that nostalgic feeling. I think we'll be able to find out what the responses are like through this showcase in Japan."

On the recent episode of SBS' "One Night of TV Entertainment", T-Ara members have revealed the secret behind their sexy body figures and that is their so called "Neat Diet"!

Their diet is not as strict as compared to others because they can all eat comfortably while doing activities that burns a lot of the calories they have eaten.  They don't have any exercise regimen but instead their busy schedules and their everyday life habits helps them in burning their calories, those chores varies from running up the stairs instead of using an elevator and folding the laundry while standing up.  To make it simple it's "eat a lot while moving around a lot."

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