South Korea's PyeongChang City has won the bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics!  That calls for a major celebration because this would a big opportunity too boost S.Korea's tourism plus this makes them the second nation in Asia after Japan to host the Winter Games.

Here's T-Ara's performance from SBS' New Horizon Concert to congratulate PyeongChang City!


If there's Hyomin on the other side, here are Qri's SelCa's which were taken on their way home after finishing their schedules.

Check out Qri's and her sly but cute smile below.

Qri's Twitter

How's your friday night? Bored and tired?

The two "H" of T-Ara are here to cheer you up, that's Hwayoung and Hyomin for you!

Check out their SelCas below~

Hwayoung and Hyomin's Twitter

Here comes another classic performance from T-Ara!

Check out their "Roly Poly" from this week's Music Bank..

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T-Ara Eunjung graced the performance of BGH to in this week's episode of Music Bank.  Eunjung stunned the crowd with her great rapping skills and you shouldn't miss out on this!

Check out their performance below.


T-Ara's debut showcase which was held yesterday at the Shibuya AX theater marked T-Ara's career advancement in Japan!  It was attended by thousands of fans who were eager and excited to meet their idols.

Check out the videos below as various TV shows reports about T-Ara's successful debut showcase.

Update July 8, 2011:


kstar0898 and TAraWorld1

After the starring in the movie "White:The Melody of the Cursed" it was revealed that T-Ara Eunjung will be making a cameo in the upcoming movie "Gisaeng Ryung" which stars her fellow T-Ara member Hyomin.

Eunjung will play as Hyomin's sister, for a Cameo that's an unexpected role, right?  We'll see once the film shows this August.

Check out their photos from the filming set below.

Written by:nearnine@T-araworld
Source: Star
Translated by: Nathaniel@Diadem

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