After watching their performances from the 2011 Dungeon Fighter Festival, it's time to check out T-Ara's photos from the said event!

Online game "Dungeon Fighter" recently held their festival and T-Ara was there to grace their event.

Check out T-Ara's "Why are you like this" and "Roly Poly" performance from the 2011 Dungeon Fighter Festival below.


In celebration of PyeongChang City's success on being chosen as the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Inkigayo has prepared another special episode and T-Ara's new sound "Roly Poly" is just perfect for this kind of mood!

Celebrate with T-Ara's "Roly Poly" performance below..


Seems like T-Ara members never gets bored while inside their waiting room.

Earlier, T-Ara Hyomin revealed this precious SelCas, they were taken inside their Inkigayo waiting room and these pictures just shows T-Ara's bond!

Inkigayo will start soon and you can stream it live at

Hyomin's Twitter

Here are more pictures from T-Ara's fan signing event which were taken by the fans!

This week's portion of Entertainment Weekly will bring you to the behind the scenes of T-Ara's Japanese Debut showcase!

Check out their video cut below..


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