T-Ara Qri is a shining star!

Posted by nearnine July 12, 2011

T-Ara Qri has just updated with another SelCa and in the photo she has transformed literally into a "shining star" as the sun was seen shining brightly from her back which made her beauty shine even more.

Literal or not, Qri is one of the brightest stars of this generation!

Qri's Twitter

Everytime Soyeon shares a SelCa what catches your attention first?

I'm sure its her beautiful eyes, Am I right?

Soyeon's Twitter

Last year T-Ara was caught in a scandal, they lost their pretty voices after... Don't panic, they lost their precious voices after having so much fun at the Tedin Water Park!

A year ago the girls endorsed the said water park and now that Summer is here let's take a quick look at their CF and pictures which were taken last Summer.

T-Ara Hwayoung has just shared another SelCa and aside from her cute pose it also revealed Hwayoung and her hot military outfit!

Check out Hwayoung's army attire below~

Hwayoung's Twitter

T-Ara Eunjung has just shared these SelCas which she took while preparing her breakfast.

If you haven't taken your breakfast yet, you might wanna enjoy it with Eunjung.. ^_~

Eunjung's Twitter

It's "sponsor-time" once again!

Check out these pictures of T-Ara's Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram, Qri, Hyomin and Hwayoung while posing with their sponsored shoes from K-Swiss.

TiaraFan, T-AraWorld

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