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Posted by nearnine July 13, 2011

By now I guess introductions are not needed anymore, right?

Check out the T-Ara's Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon's sponsored pictures below~

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After the news about Eunjung's cameo apperance on Hyomin's movie "Gisaeng Ryung" seems like the movie we'll get some more love from T-Ara!

It was revealed that Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung will be singing the official soundtrack for the movie.  It's promising to be another hit OST as Jiyeon has sang the OST of from her movie "Death Bell 2" back in 2010 while Eunjung has also sang the OST from her movie "White: Melody of the Curse".

"Gisaeng Ryung" is about the wrongful death of a child whose soul enters others bodies and deals horrific murders, the movie will star Eunjung, Hyomin, No Minwoo, Lee Hyungseok, Park Sungmin, and Hwang Jihyun and it is set to open in theaters on the 4th of August.

Check out Jiyeon and Eunjung's OST songs below..

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Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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Pretty Qri has just shared another SelCa and it's features her untimely transformation,  Christmas is still a few months away but she has already transformed into Santa Qri!

As far as I know the Qri, Boram, Soyeon, Jiyeon  and Hwayoung are scheduled to film SBS Inkigayo's campaign song today, if this is related to that or if this is for another shoot, we'll see in the coming days and we'll keep you updated!

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From T-Ara's successful Japanese debut showcase here comes their fancams!


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Info about T-Ara's Japanese Showcase
1. I Go Crazy Because of You
2. Why Are You Being Like This?
3. yayaya
4. Question Time
5. TTL (Time to Love)
6. Korean Artist Greetings (SHINee, Miss A, Supernova, Kim Bum, BEAST, Jang Geunseuk)
7. Roly-Poly
8. I'm Really Hurt
9. T-ara announce their September debut
10. Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ara throws their used gloves before going off stage)
11. Encore - T-ara reappears - Bo Peep Bo Peep second time

*During TTL, Boram rapped Geonil's part in the song

*Pink lightsticks were handed out by the officials at the concert while Yellow lightsticks were given out by the fans.

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