Photos from T-Ara's fan signing event!

Posted by nearnine July 14, 2011

Today July 14th, T-Ara continued their remainining schedules with a happy heart after getting their first win on M!Countdown.

They had another fan signing event for their fans and it was held at CJ E&M Center at Sangamdong, Mapo-gu in Seoul.

Check out their pictures from this event below..

The celebration for T-Ara's 1st Roly Poly win on M!Countdown will never stop because the party has just started!

Check out the pictures from T-Ara's winning moments at M!Countdown after the cut..

T-Ara Qri has updated her twitter a few minutes after their M!Countdown schedule and in the picture she was seen wearing her beautiful smile.

What's the reason behind that smile? It's because they have just won in this week's M!Countdown and its her way to thank their fans!

Qri's Twitter

Just a few hours ago T-Ara Hyomin shared this comical SelCas through her twitter.

Today was the production meeting report for her movie "Gisaeng Ryung" and here's what her thoughtful fans send her, 2 Rice Wreaths full of love to wish her movie a success!

Check out Hyomin's comical picture with the rice wreaths below..

Hyomin's Twitter

It's the start of the weekend for us KPop fans as Thursday is the night for M!Countdown and T-Ara has just started their week right as they finally took their first win with Roly Poly!

Congratulations to T-ARA!

Check out T-Ara's "Roly Poly" performance from today's show below.

HeeS2Ji and TAraWorld1 for the videos

The teaser for T-Ara Hyomin's upcoming movie titled "Gisaeng Ryung" has been finally revealed and it's promising to be another horror flick that is out to scare the best out of you!

"Gisaeng Ryung" is about the wrongful death of a child whose soul enters others bodies and deals horrific murders, the movie will star Eunjung, Hyomin, No Minwoo, Lee Hyungseok, Park Sungmin, and Hwang Jihyun and it is set to open in theaters on the 4th of August.

Check out the trailers below~

Trailer #2

Trailer #1

TaraWorld1 and Tiara7Jjang

After the success of T-Ara's Roly Poly MV here comes their choreography video to express their gratitude towards the fans from more than 40 countries across the world who are behind that success.

Check out T-Ara's choreography video for Roly Poly below, learn it straight from their choreography teacher Seo Byungkyu-shi and T-Ara!


A few hours to go before M!Countdown starts and the girls are now ready after fixing their hairstyle and wardrobe at the salon!


As Tagged

Were ought to witness another awesome "Roly Poly" performance tomorrow on Mnet's M!Countdown but aside from that were up for another treat!

T-Ara's Eunjung and Soyeon will be taking the role of the MCs for today's show and that's gonna be a lot of fun!

Update: MC Soyeon's picture.


After Eunjung and BGH to's collaboration track "Love! Always be Happy" they are back with another sweet and lovely song titled "Cotton Candy"!

Check out BGH to's newest song featuring T-Ara Eunjung's great rapping skills below~

and here's Eunjung and BGH to's "Love! Always be Happy"

Tiara7Jjang and Yoonbaekhee

How's your morning, is it good? If it's not, it's gonna be a very good one after you watch this next clip.

Back in the days when T-Ara promoted KTF's Bubi Bubi cellphones, there was an incident during one of their press conference where it seemed that the microphone hated  Jiyeon as it keeps on making weird sounds when she starts to talk, that was because of the technical problems but that really scared Jiyeon.

It would be much better if you'll just watch this next clip..

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