T-Ara's Roly Poly performance on Music Bank!

Posted by nearnine July 15, 2011

How's your friday going, do you feel like dancing?

If so then let's join T-Ara as they perform Roly Poly on Music Bank!

Oh Wow! Just a few days ago I've posted about T-Ara's Tedin Waterpark promotions last year and look what we've got here, they were once again chosen to endorse the said Waterpark!

After her appearance in the drama "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and her upcoming movie "Gisaeng Spirit" it seems that she's up for more!

Last night T-Ara had their first win on M!Countdown with their newest track "Roly Poly" .  It was a very rewarding event for them as it justified all the hard-work that they have put on their newest song.

Of course that calls for a celebration and here are their pictures from their celebratory dinner!

It's time to Party!!

T-Ara had another fan signing event yesterday and coming from the official pictures taken by the press here are some more pictures which were taken by the fans!

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