It's always better late than never, right?

Last Thursday T-Ara Eunjung and Soyeon hosted M!Countdown and here are their MC cuts from that episode!

A few hours ago Qri revealed another SelCa through her twitter!

There's only one word to describe this next picture, its FLAWLESS!

Qri's Twitter

Jiyeon is such a strong girl, before Music Core started it was reported that she fainted during their pre-recording for their Roly Poly performance.  She just took a short break and continued MCing the show and look what we have here, it's like nothing happened at all.  But of course we can't deny that she really needs a lot of rest.

Cheer up everyone and watch Jiyeon as she dances Secret's "Baby Gorilla Dance"

If no one revealed that Jiyeon fainted today in their pre-recording we wouldn't have noticed it, because from today's show she was just like herself, cute, adorable and charming!

Check out MC Jiyeon's cut from today's Music Core..


Here comes another "Roly Poly" performance from T-Ara and just like the title of their song which means "no matter what, you have to keep standing up positively", Jiyeon continued MCing for today's show after the reports that she fainted earlier.  Her smiles while MCing today's show was like a reassurance that she is okay and there's nothing to worry about, she even danced while the artists were performing.  But still...

Let's Pray for Jiyeon and T-Ara's health.

Here's their performance from today's show~


Various sources have revealed that T-Ara's Jiyeon fainted during their pre-recording of "Roly Poly" for today's Music Core.

According to the sources she fainted due to exhaustion and she was down on the floor for about 5 minutes but after that she stood up again and she will continue MCing for Music Core, that shows how professional she is.

It seems that she's okay after her fall as she will continue MCing but its clear that she needs a rest!

Let's pray for the health of Jiyeon
and for the other members of T-Ara as well!

UPDATE: Some sources claim that she did not fainted but she just slipped and suffered a very minor injury. (If that's the case it still not good but its better than her fainting)

Danzo_Strife 's Twitter
Written by: nearnine @ T-araWorld

On July 14th, T-Ara Hyomin and the cast of the movie "Gisaeng Ryung" held their production meeting report /press conference at the Lotte Cinema Piccadilly in Jongno-gu Seoul.

The horror movie titled "Gisaeng Ryung" is about the wrongful death of a child whose soul then entered the bodies of other people and began to kill people, the movie will star Eunjung, Hyomin, No Minwoo, Lee Hyungseok, Park Sungmin, and Hwang Jihyun and it is set to open in theaters on the 4th of August.

Check out Hyomin's pictures and videos below..

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