Have you watched the episodes from T-Ara's Japanese showcase which we have posted earlier?

If you haven't watch it yet, you might wanna take a look at this pictures as a preview..

It's time to hang out again with the pretty girls of T-Ara and the bonus part is they have grabbed another win on this week's M!Countdown!

Congratulations T-Ara you girls deserve it!

The 2011 Seoul Character Licensing Fair 2011 was held today and T-Ara were present at the said event.

Check out their pictures below. (Hyomin is not here because she had another schedule)

Have you already taken your vitamin for today? If you haven't yet then Soyeon and Jiyeon are just in time!

The two recently appeared in KBS' health game-show "Vitamin", an informative show that helps you keep your body healthy.

Check out their cuts below..

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