The lovely girls of T-ara are back with a new brand new beat and glamorous outfits.

Check out their "RolyPoly in Copacabana" performance below..

Backstage with T-ara and MBLAQ

T-ara's Hyomin has just shared another batch of comical SelCas featuring herself and the rest of her members.

Hyomin's movie "Gisaeng Ryung" was officially opened to the public yesterday and to express her thoughts, she and the members posed dramatically in front of the camera with some effects from Hyomin's artistic side.

Check out their pictures below.

T-ara Jiyeon has just shared another set of cute and playful SelCas and along with it was their outfits for today's Music Bank.

Take a look at her cute pictures after the cut.

Here are the pictures of T-ara's very own princess who was recently cast in the new historical drama "Gyebaek".

Check out Hyomin's pictures below as she passionately learns Horseback riding..


T-ara Soyeon who is excited for their schedule today have just shared another pair of cute SelCas!

Check out her cute pictures below that will make your day..

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