T-ara Qri, Boram and Hwayoung's playful SelCas

Posted by nearnine August 7, 2011

Travelling can be boring at times but that's not the case with these T-ara members who knows how to have fun and make fun of themselves.

Check out T-ara Qri, Boram and Hwayoung's playful SelCas after the cut..

Are you loving it, T-ara's "RolyPoly in Copacabana"?

If yes is your answer, here goes another awesome performance for you!

Check out their performance from this week's Inkigayo!

Still a  month to go before T-ara officially debuts in Japan but it seems that their Japanese fans have already received an early treat!  Nongshim Ramen has released a CD featuring T-ara's Korean songs and it also comes with some awesome photos from the girls.

Meanwhile T-ara will be releasing their first Japanese single this September and you can now Preorder it.

Check out the still shots from this CD after the cut..

They may have not performed yesterday in Music Core but this one will surely make up for it!

Check out T-ara's Roly Poly performance on MBC's "Quiz that changed the World"..

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