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Posted by nearnine August 9, 2011

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member  or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.

T-Ara Jiyeon meets the World!
miss A's Suzy and T-ara's Jiyeon

T-ara Eunjung has recently shared a SelCa with KARA's Park Gyuri.  The pictures did not only showcased their close friendship but their fresh faces as well.

Check out Eunjung and Gyuri's SelCas below.

Ever imagined how Qri will look if she stuck some cherries inside her mouth?  Well, you don't have to imagine it anymore now that Qri has shared some SelCas doing that. XD

The cute has just gotten a lot cuter! Check out her SelCa's below.

Aside from their song "Roly Poly", the girls also performed Jeon YoungRok's "Cry Baby My Love" on KBS' 7080.

Check out their performance below.

*Jeon YoungRok is T-ara Boram's father.

Coming from the official pictures from T-ara's Gisaeng Ryung's promotionat the Megabox in Sinchon, Seoul, here comes some T-ara's gorgeous fantaken pictures!

Check out their pictures after the cut..

All the members of T-ara were present at the recent promotions of "Gisaeng Ryung" at the Megabox in Sinchon, Seoul.  With their bright and cheerful smiles they greeted all the movie goers who were present in the event.

Check out their pictures after the cut..

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