T-ara Hyomin shares some photos from their Pictorial

Posted by nearnine September 6, 2011

Following Soyeon and Jiyeon here comes T-ara Hyomin who has also shared some SelCas their Japanese pictorial today.

Check out Hyomin and Boram's alluring SelCas below..

Hyomin's Twitter

Welcome to T-araWorld's newest feature post, the 'Clip of the Day'.

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For our Clip of the Day here's Qri with her cute facial expressions, check it out and tell us what should we call her expression.

Check out the other clips at: T-araWorld's Clip of the Day

As revealed by T-ara's Soyeon earlier along with her cute SelCas, the girls of T-ara are currently in Japan for a photoshoot.

It's Jiyeon's turn to share some SelCas, check out her photos below..

Jiyeon's Twitter

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

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T-ara Eunjung meets the World!

Aside from their powerful vocals the acting skills of T-ara can't be ignored as well.  Through the dramas and movies that they have starred in they have already proven that they can really act.

To prove that even more Jiyeon and Eunjung has just topped the chart by KBS' Entertainment Weekly which is about the success of Idols Singers in turning into Actors/Actresses.

Check out the video below.

The girls of T-ara are back in Japan and here's some SelCas from Soyeon which was taken from the set of their Photoshoot in Japan.

Soyeon shared, "In the middle of a Japan photoshoot >ㅅ< " Went to the amusement park and rode on the rollercoaster ride!!!♥"

Check out her cute SelCas below..



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