T-ara Hyomin for High Cut's October Issue

Posted by nearnine October 7, 2011

T-ara Hyomin's stuns with her glamorous photos for the October Issue of High Cut magazine.

Check out Hyomin's gorgeous and stunning pictures below..

Update October 7, 2011

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

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T-ara Jiyeon meets the World!

T-ara who recently topped Japan's prestigious Daily Singles Charts and Weekly Charts shared their thoughts during their recent interview.

The girls revealed, "It's amazing to see that we not only topped the Oricon daily chart, but the weekly as well. After achieving our goal of topping the chart, we all cried together and promised to work harder than ever."

They were also told that they were the first Korean girl group to set such a record, in which T-ara replied with, "After we found out that we were the first Korean girl group to do so, we felt even prouder of our accomplishment. The Korean and Japanese system is different, but our Japanese fans are just as enthusiastic and supportive of our Korean fans, so we didn't feel any big difficulties."

The girls continued with, "We're currently preparing for our Korean comeback in November and are spending busy days in the rehearsal room. We will continue to promote in Japan."

When asked about their goal for the rest of the year was, they stated, "Since we've achieved our goal of recording first place on the Oricon, we hope to achieve positive results with our Korean album."

T-ara are poised to make their Korean comeback this November with their track titled 'Lovey Dovey' which is produced by Shinsadong Tiger.

T-ara Eunjung gets cast in jTBC's upcoming historical drama, 'The King’s Mother'.

This will be her second historical drama as her first was in KBS' 'King Geunchogo'.  Eunjung expressed, "After I read the synopsis for the drama, it seemed really fun and exciting, so I really wanted to give it a try".

Eunjung will be portraying the younger version of actress Chae Shi Ra.  The drama was written Jung Ha Yeon and will be directed by PD Lee Tae Gon.  It will consist of 50 episodes and it will revolve around the battle between three women hoping to become the next queen.

The dream from the 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert lives on...

T-ara Qri has shared another SelCa which was taken from the concert which took place a few days ago.

Check out her androgynous photo below.

Qri's Twitter

Looks like T-ara Eunjung had some things to do before she went to bed last night.

The moment the clock struck 12 midnight Eunjung cutely shared, "Deng. Yuhoo. Yuhoo." along with these next batch of pictures..

Bonus Picture: Eunjung's newest DP

Eunjung's Twitter

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