It's sad but today is T-ara Jiyeon and miss A Suzy's final episode on Music Core.

The two were holding it in throughout the show and thus they still managed to snap a beautiful SelCa together but towards the end of the show both of them became really emotional.

Jiyeon expressed, "show music core! Today was the last day~It's already been a yearㅎㅎ It was filled with a lot of happy memories during that time thank you.. I'll come back more improved~ Look forward to it bye~♥"

Starting next week SNSD's Tiffany and Yuri will be coming back to lead the show once again.

Check out Jiyeon and Suzy's final MC Cuts below..

Jiyeon's Twitter
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T-ara Boram who was feeling under the weather got some treatment from the hospital yesterday.

Boram wrote, "My cold has gotten worse. My throat, my eyes, and now my head feels like it's about to burst..."

Later she shared, "I went to the hospital early in the morning and got a shot and a vitamin IV drip that's supposedly good for colds, and I ate medicine too. This deathly cold. It's time to get better soonㅡ!!(๑•ૅㅅ•๑)!!"

Get Well Soon Boram, you should get some of your well deserved rest. Fighting!!

The girls of T-ara were greeted by the generosity of their Sunbae, Tony Ahn.

Tony gave them a surprise visit yesterday and along with him were some delicious food which the girls enjoyed.

Soyeon shared, "Kyaaeung~ We were in the middle of practicing and Tony oppa bought us delicious food >ㅅ< we'll eat them well! Hehe Tony oppa's School Store, have a huge successㅡ★".  She continued with, "Iced americano light like barley tea, taking a sip ㅡ0ㅡ* !".

While Qri wrote, "Tony Ahn sunbaenim thank you!! I'll eat well^^".

Hwayoung also added, "Ho~~>_< Delicious food given from Tony Ahn sunbaenim!! The carbonara ddeokboki tasted really good tooㅜㅜThank you~~".

We all know how Hyomin loves taking pictures whether its her pictures or other interesting things.

This side of hers came out again during their 'GyeBaek' shooting in where she wrote, "In the middle of filming Gyebaek today as always~ The weather was so nice so! I ran around on my own and noticed a dandelion while I was looking here and there.. it was so pretty I couldn't dare to pull it out so I took a picture of it like this~"

Check out Hyomin's photography below..

We have all seen the beautiful outcome of Hyomin's photoshoot for High Cut's October issue but just like any other shoots there are little secrets behind it.

Hyomin revealed, "The photoshoot's hidden secrets.ㅋㅋ The heels that made these extremely long legs were a staircase high.. and the twisted sweater's troublesome fur..."

T-ara Qri recently shared her masterpiece, a sparkling Nike shoes.

Qri shared, "I started getting the feel this morning and worked on this..✧" to which Eunjung replied with, "Hurry up with the next product too♥ I'm looking forward to it.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

Check out Qri's shoes below..

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