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Posted by nearnine October 20, 2011

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are part of the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.

T-ara Soyeon meets the World!

More of T-ara's Qri Oppa!

Posted by nearnine

From the set of their MV filming, T-ara's Qri is back with another set of bloody yet pretty and handsome SelCas.

Qri also wrote, "I don't have anything special to do for you but I'll protect you. Do you want to date?"

Check out Qri Oppa's photos below~

Qri's Twitter
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While everyone is excited about T-ara's Korean comeback here's what they've got for their Japanese fans.

Check out the covers from T-ara's 2nd Japanese single, 'YaYaYa' below..

We're you teased after seeing the pictures from T-ara's MV filming?

No need to wait any longer because T-ara has releaed their concept pictures for 'Cry Cry'.

Check out their hot photos below..


The press were present at the filming of T-ara's upcoming Drama Music Video for 'Cry Cry' and after delivering us those hot pictures here comes the videos from the set of T-ara's filming.

Check out the video from the set of their filming below which also features actors Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook..

It's so unfair when someone who wasn't even at the exact place where the issue originated joins in and expresses his one-sided opinion.  Earlier this week the issue about T-ara's "disrespectful attitude" has been a hot topic.

Right away some people expressed their opinion and one of them was the Korean singer named Mose who wrote,"This girl group who has been receiving criticism for their behavior at a particular event? I knew this would happen. They’re well known for not respectfully greeting their seniors. Especially the one member who tried to explain their position, she never once greeted me, even though we’ve run into each other quite often" via his twitter.

Prior to that, Hyomin explained their side by saying, "We were simply trying to show our fans that we know how to enjoy ourselves when we perform on stage, and I think everyone misunderstood."

Following that Mose felt apologetic and wrote, "I said what I needed to say, not because I wanted them to apologize, but I’ve been told that they are feeling regretful about the entire thing. The situation has taken an unexpected turn, and I too am sorry. I was a little harsh with my words, and seeing how deeply sorry they are, it probably was not intentional and I will continue to look out for them. Well, this is really embarrassing".

In my opinion this was a small baseless issue that was blown out of proportion.  Some antis or haters still keeps on attacking T-ara about this issue which forces T-ara members to explain things when they don't even have to.

In response to Mose's tweet Eunjung expressed, "Mose sunbaenim's words might not have been lies but we too..we aren't made up of lies..After debuting, we are well-aware of the importance of every word and every action. We are cautious. In order for there not to be any huge misunderstandings in the future, we'll do better. Please look over us kindly...!*"

While Hyomin wrote, "How important a greeting is for all human relationships..I know better than anyone else..Because I hate doing things halfway and halfheartedly, I always try my best to show my sincerity in everything I do..speaking honestly, I don't want to put the blame on the circumstances of the situation but..the truth is that the reason I'm upset is because of the fact that I never meant for anything to seem malicious or intentional..

But from a different perspective, even while thinking yourself that you don't mean it in that way, I learned from this experience that it could still come across differently.. through this, I was able to reevaluate and reflect upon myself.. clearly feeling the need to work two times, three times harder..

This is more of a reflection rather than about my own feelings.. I'm posting this up after much contemplation and hesitation to do so several times before.  
I'll make sure that this won't happen again in the future for it to go so far as to be addressed in such a public space as this.

I'm sorry for disappointing all of you and.. thank you for reading all of this


Hyomin and Eunjung's Twitter
Trans diademtweets/leesa86@akp

Remember our post about Eunjung's brand new look?  Well it turns out that she's not the only one sporting a new look.

T-ara Oppas are back!! Check out their photos from the filming of their MV 'Cry Cry'.

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