Check out Eunjung and Jiyeon's performance from SBS' variety show 'Diet Survival BIGsTORY'.

Watch their 'Roly Poly' performance with the contestants of the show below..


Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are part of the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.

T-ara Qri meets the World!

T-ara's Hwayoung is back with another random but cute SelCa.

She shared, "Woahhhh~~~~!!! On the way to Seoul after completing our schedules in Busan and now I'm getting hit by the blowing wind~~~yeahhhh~~~Jongun oppa let's go~~~!!!"

Check out her photo below and see what the wind did to her..

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