The teasing continues... After T-ara Hyomin here comes Soyeon who revealed another photo from the set of their 'Cry Cry' jacket photoshoot.

Check out Soyeon's lovely photo below..

Soyeon's Twitter

The first wave of T-ara's concept pictures for 'Cry Cry' wasn't enough?

It's your lucky day because T-ara Hyomin has shared some more unseen pictures to satisfy you with the message saying, "crycry never-before-seen cuts. Only a few more days left!"

Check out more of Hyomin's 'Cry Cry' teaser photos below..

November 21 as the release date of T-ara's 4th Album was too much?  Well it seems like there was a typo or something from the earlier listing as T-ara's 'Black Eyes' was seen listed for a November 11 release date as of now.

Hopefully this one is the right release date, because we are all excited for their comeback, right?

Furthermore, you can check out T-ara's concept pictures for 'Cry Cry' here.

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