T-ara Jiyeon and Qri's 'Lovey Dovey' moments

Posted by nearnine November 11, 2011

From the Making Video of T-ara's 'Cry Cry' MV in Busan here's Jiyeon and Qri's cuts which showcases their cute and 'Lovey Dovey' moments.

Qri's line was, "Ajhussi, I want Ramen with Eggs", it was cute how she and Jiyeon played with those lines, happy about the fact that they look alike. While on the second cut, it was even funnier and cute how Jiyeon approached and tried to kiss Qri while saying 'I Love You'.

Check out their cute cuts below..

Following the release of their 4th mini-album 'Black Eyes', T-ara has now revealed more concept pictures.

Check out their photos below..

11/11/11 Update:


*Will be updated once pictures of other members gets revealed.

Nate, T-araWorld.net

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are part of the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.
T-ara Qri meets the World!

It's to witness T-ara Hyomin's charm, sweetness and talent once again as we check out her newest batch of pictures from 'GyeBaek'.

Take a look at Cho Young's photos below..

11/11/11 Update:

Digitally, T-ara has finally released their mini-album, 'Black Eyes'.

Listen to T-ara's newest masterpiece below which will officially be released physically on the 18th of November..

1. T-ara -  Cry Cry

2. T-ara - Goodbye, Ok

3. T-ara - O My God

4. T-ara - I'm so Bad

5. T-ara - Cry Cry Ballad Version

6. T-ara - Cry Cry Ballad MV Version

You can buy it through online music sites like Bugs or you can also Buy and Preorder the physical album.

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Seobblest for the up

So how was T-ara's 4th mini-album

It's another hit right?  All we need now is to wait 1 more week for their comeback.

Chek out their teaser from Music Bank below..

The track list for T-ara's mini-album has been finally revealed and it goes as follows:

1. Cry Cry
2. Goodbye, OK
3. O my god
4. I'm so bad
5. Cry Cry [Ballad Ver]

This mini-album will be released on the 18th of November.

Where's 'Lovey Dovey', where's 'Round and Round'?  Maybe Core Contents Media would release a repackage version or something.  Stay tuned for more updates from CCM.

Core Contents Media has announced that T-ara will be skipping the various end of the year award shows this year.

Instead they will be focusing on their foreign activities, they are planning to meet their fans in Japan, China, and Taiwan and as a result they will not be present on the end of the year awards shows.

On a lighter note, T-ara will be making their comeback on the 18th of November through KBS' Music Bank.

Despite their busy schedules and practice sessions the members of T-ara will definitely not forget to update their fans.

Soyeon shared, "Finally today's practice has come to an end.................now it's time to wash up and sleep.. well not for a long time but for a little, and then wake up again to go to schedulesssss~ sigh..."

Check out T-ara Soyeon's cute photo below..

Just a week to go before we get to see T-ara perform on the stage again!!

Check out their teaser from M!Countdown below..

Moreover T-ara's Jiyeon has also been ranked as the #1 Maknae on M!Countdown's Idol Chart

With this second video, I believe the confusion will arise again, T-ara members consider Hwayoung as their maknae even though Jiyeon is younger by 3 months because she's the newest addition to the group.  But in terms of age Jiyeon who is 3 months younger than Hwayoung is the maknae.

Originally scheduled to be released this weekend, Core Contents Media has now announced that they will be releasing the audio for T-ara's 'Cry Cry' today at 17:00 KST.

The company will be releasing it a day ahead of schedule because of the request of the fans after watching the music video.  In addition to that the Ballad version of 'Cry Cry' as well as the Making Film of their MV will also be released later today.

The members of T-ara also stated, "We're currently preparing the comeback. We hope to show a perfect image on stage."  Their album is scheduled to be released on the 18th of November and on the same day they will be making their comeback on KBS' comeback.
Prior to this, the company announced that they would release an edited version of 'Cry Cry' with fixed audio but as of now its still not out. Hopefully they can keep their promise this time around, if not I don't know what to say about T-ara's company anymore.

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